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Smiley Digital™

Limitless digital experience insights​

A perfect complement to our Smiley Terminal and Touch products. Connect with your customers, anywhere they are, with instant and actionable high-volume feedback

  • Online and ready in minutes​
    Quick and easy to get started for virtually any digital or physical touchpoint​
  • Maximum feedback in all channels
    Convenient, safe, and fast way for people to share anonymous feedback, anywhere ​
  • Complete and connected insights ​
    Gain even more in-depth insights to improve your performance and deliver seamless experiences
Smiley Digital Solo demoed on a smartphone

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Intelligent Reporting. Always Included.

Track and manage your service performance with intuitive and interactive data analytics. Pinpoint issues, uncover causes with ease, and make improvement actions that can be measured and verified.

Access your results 24/7 in our online dashboard, via mobile, and automated email reports.

Quick View offers an instant overview of your key performance results, summarized in simple, informative widgets.

It helps you focus on the most important information and save time getting it.

Analytics enables you to research long term trends and pinpoint exact times and places of service decline.

You get full control to analyze your past and current performance, and make more informed improvement decisions for the future.

Review your open feedback comments to more narrowly define exact performance issues that can be immediately fixed or improved upon.

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Key Features

The familiar and iconic Smileys at your service

Improve the engagement with a non-intrusive and friendly user experience. It’s a common solution giving you insights for both your digital and physical touchpoints.

Uncover the ‘why’ behind good or bad experiences

Gain deeper insights into your service performance for instant and continuous improvement with follow-up questions and open comments.

Continue the digital journey

You can, as an option, re-direct people to a web page of your choice at the end of the survey.

Fast deployment and easy to use: No IT support needed

Pop-up or Embed surveys are placed seamlessly on your web page with simple scripts, while Solo is a fully digital, out-of-the box, solution. Updates are automatic and free, including fast and friendly support when needed.​

Key Tools

Web & Email Reports

Role, Location, and time-based result summaries sent to your email.

Interaction Reports

1-page printable summary report for sharing your results internally and in location.

Social Sharing

Click-to-share summary image for sharing your results online.

Real-time Collaboration

Offers instant awareness of service decline via automated app and email notifications. Collaborate and comment on alerts as issues are being resolved.


Smiley Digital Embed being used on an example website
Smiley Digital follow-up questions being demoed on a smartphone
Smiley Rating example