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Increase your convenience store’s customer lifetime value for long-term growth

HappyOrNot offers a powerful feedback solution to help you understand customer needs and preferences to ensure you deliver fast and friendly service in a well-presented facility for your busy shoppers, increasing loyalty and lifetime value.

HappyOrNot Smiley Touch in convenience stores retail worker


The importance of collecting feedback for convenience stores

Convenience stores benefit from feedback tools that are quick and easy for customers to use, such as HappyOrNot’s Smiley terminals. These tools capture customer sentiment instantly, providing valuable insights into the overall customer experience. By utilizing these insights, convenience stores can:

  • Adjust staff schedules to ensure sufficient coverage during peak hours
  • Improve product availability by stocking up on popular items
  • Maintain a clean and welcoming store environment
  • Implement targeted training programs for employees to enhance customer service

How HappyOrNot works for convenience stores

With HappyOrNot, collecting customer feedback is easy and effortless. Our instant feedback terminals are designed to be placed in high-traffic areas and allow convenience store and gas station customers to provide feedback and let you better understand how they’re feeling in the given moment – and why.

How It Works


Set up

Place our Smileys in strategic areas of your convenience store or gas station



Customers provide large amounts of instant feedback with the touch of a button



HappyOrNot shows the results in real time with simple, user-friendly dashboards



Identify trends and root causes to optimize your store’s operations

HappyOrNot Smiley Touch customer Feedback in convenience stores

Increase customer loyalty and spend with HappyOrNot’s instant feedback system

Collecting customer feedback is critical for businesses in the convenience store industry. With high footfall and low dwell time, businesses must understand customer needs and preferences in real-time to make well-informed business decisions that cater to long-term success. By collecting feedback, you can:

  • Identify bottlenecks in service speed, product availability, and facility cleanliness

  • Optimize resourcing and product selection according to busy times and consumer needs

  • Respond to problems immediately, resulting in happier customers and engaged employees

  • Increase customer loyalty and lifetime value through repeat business

Track and improve customer service with data

The single Analytics dashboard provides convenience store retailers with instant feedback data, enabling you to optimize staffing, merchandize, and service for convenience for the busy shoppers.  

Our real-time collaboration empowers you and your team to stay connected and act quickly when issues happen. Automatic reports make it easy to share results with staff to make immediate fixes, promote good practices, improve the shopping experience, and verify customer satisfaction.  

HappyOrNot’s managed services is also available to support convenience store retailers in managing the solution, interpreting results, and educating the team to enhance the overall experience. 


Making a difference for convenience stores

See what our satisfied convenience store and gas station managers have to say about using HappyOrNot’s solution to optimize operations and position their brands toward long-term growth in this ever-competitive industry.

Bill Mullen

President of Retail,

"We are really excited about our partnership with HappyOrNot and our company-wide roll out. We are confident that we are going to see the ROI.”
Geoff Given

Chief Operating Officer,
Good 2 Go stores

“If someone is truly having either a great experience or bad experience at one of our stores, we’re finding that they’re using the opportunity of the HappyOrNot platform to let us know. It’s a great way for us to get real and accurate feedback from our customers without us physically standing across from them and asking.”  
Susan Connolly

Sales Director,

The Pandemic vs. Customer Experience – Our Customers’ Stories In this series of articles, we interviewed customers around the globe by asking four key questions related how they see Customer Experience developing in their industries in this “Next Normal”.
Kevin Dier

Vice President of Business Development,
Johnstone Supply

“Timeliness of the customer feedback is a key success factor for us. While we previously relied on phone calls to customers days or even weeks after their visit, HappyOrNot enables Johnstone Supply customers to share their feedback at the exact moment of their experience, making it more relevant and reliable.”
Kenneth G. Sørensen

Operations and Business Development Manager,
XXL Sports & Outdoor

“HappyOrNot gives us the unique ability to consistently measure customer satisfaction at a completely elevated and statistically significant level than ever before.” 

The perfect feedback solution for your convenience stores

Capture instant customer feedback effortlessly with our cutting-edge Smiley face feedback devices. Whatever your business’s unique needs, our wide range of Smiley products have a perfect match for you to optimize feedback collection.

Try HappyOrNot in your convenience stores today

Whether you run a convenience store or a gas station, HappyOrNot can help you better understand your customers’ needs and keep them coming back for more.

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