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Smiley Touch™

The touchscreen feedback terminal that lets you discover the ‘why’ behind your customer’s feedback. Understand root causes of satisfaction or dissatisfaction and connect it to the time and place to proactively improve your performance.

Eliminate blind spots and develop your operations

Does this sound familiar?

  • I can’t capture enough continuous feedback
  • It’s impossible to find out the root causes of service issues
  • It’s not clear how to take action on the feedback data

Smiley Touch is the easiest, most engaging way to collect instant customer feedback and find out why people buy or do not buy from you. Understand what works, and what doesn’t, to improve the customer experience and transform your business.

Collect instant, relevant data

The key to making the right decisions for your business is in the ability to collect trustworthy, relevant data. Here’s what makes our Smiley Touch unique:

High response rates

Get lots of rich, continuous feedback without friction

In-the-moment feedback

Get feedback exactly when and where the experience happens

Understand reasons

Get to the root of the matter with follow-ups and open comments

Connect to target audience

Connect feedback data with demographic information to focus on feedback from your target audience

Comes with Analytics

Smiley Touch includes our easy-to-use, Analytics software that lets you understand the reasons behind customer feedback and the needed focus areas to improve operations.

Get a continuous flow of learnings on your performance that your team can easily follow and apply.

Get started

HappyOrNot provides customer feedback insights as a service based on subscription. We offer value-based expertise and consultancy to ensure you get the right solution fit for your unique needs. Collect high-volume, relevant feedback and make data-driven decisions!

Smiley Touch
Find the perfect fit

We offer three different versions to suit your needs: Stand with branding and customization options and a removable question sign, the versatile Table for receptions, service desks, fairs, and mobile use, and Wall that can be placed at any height, for example, low for accessibility needs. Our experts help you discover which version works best for your business needs.

Try our Smileys out!

Curious how they work? Take them for a test drive.