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Delivering more value together

Providing continuous value and innovation to our customers is a core strength of HappyOrNot. That's why we are proud to join forces with key software and solution companies to deliver even more value through strategic partnerships.

Connect customer satisfaction scores and shopper analytics

Together with Sensormatic Solutions, retail stores are able to better optimize operational efficiency by layering HappyOrNot’s customer satisfaction scores with Sensormatic Solutions existing shopper engagement analytics. This gives stores deeper insight into the shopper experience, and shopper journey insights. Any retailer that uses Sensormatic Solutions services will be able to leverage customer satisfaction data to: 

  • Optimize individual store performance 
  • Support retail store strategy decisions 
  • Optimize labor expenditure 
  • Compare operations & selling effectiveness across multiple store 
  • Identify top & bottom performing stores 
  • Assess marketing campaign effectiveness & store readiness 
  • Identify performance opportunities 
  • Test new strategies

Add real-time customer feedback applications to interactive screens

Integrated as an app in the Raydiant Marketplace, HappyOrNot’s digital Smileys help businesses close the feedback loop and gain real-time insights into customer and employee sentiments. 

Customers that use any of Raydiant’s interactive employee or customer facing screens or self-service devices, will be offered the option of leaving feedback by tapping HappyOrNot’s digital smileys. 

Through the integration, store managers, staff and upper management teams can identify and rectify customer experience pain points more effectively. And with access to HappyOrNot’s online analytics dashboard, businesses can visualize larger amounts of customer experience data, giving them the opportunity to isolate experience levels by time, location and severity. 

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Collect instant customer feedback on loan application process 

Made possible by official HappyOrNot partner DoublePort and MeridianLink, companies gain the ability to include HappyOrNot digital surveys within MeridianLink’s onboarding and loan application processes.  

This integration provides financial institutions with direct feedback from their members/customers while they are in the application process.  The result is that financial institutions are immediately informed regarding their measure of success, recurring issues, or general areas for improvement.

Learn more by visiting DoublePort’s website