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Unlock revenue potential with HappyOrNot’s feedback solution

HappyOrNot's innovative customer feedback solution empowers partners to build a business practice focused on uncovering valuable operational insights for clients.

Why partner with HappyOrNot?

We offer an ideal platform for technology providers, CX & EX consulting companies, and resellers to build a new or incremental revenue stream. The HappyOrNot partner program helps our mutual customers make informed decisions, improve operations, and transform their business.

Industry credibility

HappyOrNot pioneered collecting real time experience feedback over 14 years ago and has collected over 1.5 billion feedbacks globally.  The solution is used extensively in retail, healthcare, and service industries, among many others.

Market Potential

The global customer feedback analytics industry is estimated to be over $10B and forecasted to grow annually between 15-20% over the next 5 years.  Customers are investing more in solutions that help improve their clients’ experience.

Multiple revenue streams

HappyOrNot has a proven partner business model and offers industry-leading subscription margins, distinct managed service opportunities, and a track record of up-sell and cross-sell effectiveness.

Scalable growth

The HappyOrNot SaaS business model enables a predictable and reliable recurring revenue stream.  There are no technical or functional scalability limits in the product, so customers can easily scale deployments yielding rapid growth for partners.

“The HappyOrNot solution efficiently empowers our clients’ customers’ to provide real-time feedback on their experience, including emotions, reactions, and interactions with employees, physical environments and venues, and related business processes. Our partnership with HappyOrNot as a consulting firm enables us to leverage their expertise, insights, and experience, resulting in a more targeted approach for our clients from start to finish, ultimately driving improved revenue impact.”

Kevin Harry, Managing Partner, The BCJ Group

Comprehensive support and enablement

HappyOrNot is building a global partner ecosystem rich with the tools, resources, and assets designed to help all of our partners earn the right to become trusted advisors for our mutual customers. We’ve got the motivation, expertise, and technology to help ensure your team’s time and focus is invested where it matters most – generating revenue and customer success.

Partner support

All HappyOrNot Partners have an assigned Partner Manager to help enable your sales and marketing teams, provide commercial support, and ensure you have the support needed to grow your HappyOrNot business practice.

Onboarding & enablement

We provide training and enablement to make your team productive as quickly as possible. Our experience and track record shows we can help you close deals within the first 90 days of our partnership together.

Go-to-market expertise

With over 14 years of market experience and 4,000 happy customers across key verticals, we offer our Partners prescriptive guidance on the ideal customer profile and employee roles to focus on.

Operational simplicity

HappyOrNot offers best in class solutions to efficiently enable customer quoting, contracting, and renewals. All devices are quickly drop shipped to customers to avoid logistics complexity and project start up delays.

Tools & resources

The HappyOrNot Academy, Brand Portal, Partner Community, and Demo Environment provide real time access to tools and information that drive sales productivity and technical competence for your team.

Technical support

Our technical support teams in the US and Europe are available to help resolve any issues that come up within your customer base in a timely and efficient way.

Let’s build success together!

The HappyOrNot solution can help your customers transform their business efficiently based on real data and best practices. Create a competitive differentiator for your own business as you help shape and implement a  clear strategy for your customers to grow their bottom line.

Contact us today and our partner team will be in touch to discuss our Partner Program with you.

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