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Turn feedback into profitable actions

Customers are your biggest source of learning.
Hear them.

The pulse of meaningful feedback

HappyOrNot enhances your customer experience, uncovers issues and presents ways to fix them. It’s one of those things that simply work.

Get loads of feedback

There’s a Smiley for any digital and in-person touchpoint.


Share insight

Involve your staff to improve with
HappyOrNot Analytics.


Take action

Our Success Services give you the tools and best practices to transform your organization.


Mobile app view of the analytics tool

The pulse of insights and action

A successful analytics tool is fun to use and provides real-time insights. HappyOrNot Analytics delivers a steady flow of learnings that your team can easily follow and apply.

  • See your performance at a glance or dive deeper
  • Easily share the results with the right people at the right place
  • Improve performance on the spot and over time

HappyOrNot Smileys

There’s a perfect Smiley for every situation.

Smileys across industries

Learn how the HappyOrNot solution helps you increase customer satisfaction.