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Smiley Digital™

The digital companion to our physical Smileys gives you a seamless way to cover your online and in-location touch points. Measure customer satisfaction before, during, and after purchase.

It’s not just physical or digital – it’s omnichannel

Over 70% of consumers use multiple channels during their buying journey, and companies that focus on omnichannel customer engagement retain nearly 90% of their customers. Are you sure your digital and physical experiences match?

Align your omnichannel customer experience by including Smiley Digital to your use of our Smiley Touch and Smiley Terminal products.

Smiley Digital Demo

Complete view of customer experience

Identify differences in your online and in-location customer satisfaction to develop your services and ensure a consistent customer experience across channels. Here’s what makes our Smiley Digital unique:

Feedback at scale

Our familiar Smiley feedback buttons give you continuous, in-the-moment feedback that you can act on.

Consistent user experience

Connect your physical and digital customer experience metrics to see the big picture.

All touch points covered

No matter where your customers interact with you – your website, email newsletters, product delivery, in-location -make sure you measure them all.

Comes with Analytics

Smiley Digital includes our easy-to-useAnalytics software that gives you an instant overview at your service performance, and the ability to dig deeper into the insights across your digital and physical touch points.

Get a continuous flow of learnings on your performance that your team can easily follow and apply.

Try our Smileys out!

Curious how they work? Take them for a test drive.

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