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Rocket® stores: fueling satisfaction, service, and loyalty across the west coast with HappyOrNot

"We are really excited about our partnership with HappyOrNot and our company-wide roll out. We are confident that we are going to see the ROI.”

Bill Mullen
President of Retail, Rocket®
Industry: Retail
Area: US
Solution: Smiley Touch, Smiley Terminal

1 million

customer feedbacks collected
via the Smiley kiosks

4-point growth

in Happy Index (customer
satisfaction score)


HappyOrNot kiosks installed
462 locations

Measurable lift

in total sales and revenue with
Happy Index above 90 

Revolutionizing customer feedback in convenience retail

Rocket®, the largest privately held gas station and convenience store chain on the West Coast partnered with HappyOrNot April 2021, starting with a pilot in 10 sites, to capture real-time customer feedback on various aspects of their service. The initiative aimed to refine and enhance the overall customer experience at their locations. 

The value of instant customer experience insights was quickly seen. The high-volume feedback collected from Smiley Touches at exits and Smiley Terminals in washrooms led to Rocket® expanding HappyOrNot to an additional 40 locations in April 2022 and then across its entire fleet of 462 locations in March 2024. 

“We recognize HappyOrNot as a brand differentiator and understand that this is a part of our natural progression as we continue to focus on understanding factors that impact loyalty and customer satisfaction at our stores,shares Bill Mullen, President of Retail, Rocket®. 

HappyOrNot Smiley Touch customer Feedback in convenience stores

Over 1 million customer feedbacks collected

Since the initial roll-out of HappyOrNot, Rocket® has collected over 1 million convenience store customer feedback. The Smiley Touch kiosks’ follow-up options provide Rocket® with in-depth data to track performance of their key service operations – Customer Service, Speed of Service, Cleanliness, Pricing, Restrooms, and Product Selection – and use the insights to take action and validate results.  

Rocket® is also able to collect and share anonymous motivational customer comments internally with the ability to capture in-depth, anonymous feedback with the Smiley Touch’s open-text feedback:    

“I love visiting Rocket® gas station when I’m in the area. Its’ a One-stop for everything. You can get reasonable gas and food and you’re able to use their nice and always clean restrooms. So, I really don’t mind spending a few more cents for it makes sense!  The people that work there are very nice! KUDOS TO ALL! WAY TO GO ROCKET-GAS!”

4-point growth in customer satisfaction scores

Leveraging HappyOrNot’s comprehensive feedback system, Rocket® has been able to make strategic adjustments to improve customer service and store operations.  

One specific metric set by Rocket® was to achieve a Happy Index of 90 with their restrooms, and in 2024 Rocket® reached their goal. Mullen explained: “People often make trips and stop in to use the restroom, and if they have a great experience there, we’re more likely to convert them into inside C-store customers.”  

HappyOrNot’s real-time convenience store feedback system also empowers store managers to promptly address issues via its Real Time Collaboration app which sends staff a notification when customer satisfaction drops below set standards for Rocket®. This helps Rocket® ensure that every customer’s visit is as satisfying as possible, and the proactive approach has led to a marked improvement in customer perceptions and loyalty. 

Uplift in sales and revenue

The decision to implement HappyOrNot across all locations stemmed from the undeniable return on investment demonstrated during the initial pilot phase. By partnering with MarketDial, experts in retail data analysis, Rocket® aimed to uncover correlations between high-performing sites, HappyOrNot scores, and potential sales increases. Through this collaboration, they successfully identified the sought-after correlations, validating the platform’s effectiveness and paving the way for a site-wide rollout. 

The analysis revealed that locations maintaining a Happy Index above 90 experienced a significant increase in total sales and revenue. This finding underscored the tangible benefits of adopting HappyOrNot’s solution, affirming its value proposition for businesses. 

Integrating customer feedback into strategic planning

Recognizing the value of customer insights in the C-Store industry, Rocket® aimed to strategize what they could do differently to improve customer satisfaction scores and make sure they have a consistent customer experience 7 days a week. 

With the data insights collected via HappyOrNot, Rocket® was able to validate suspected areas of opportunity, such as staff scheduling and management. They used these findings to build a case for improvements and new initiatives. 

“We’re a customer centric company, and everything we do is about our customers. We believe in HappyOrNot so much and how it can shape our business that we have implemented it into our incentive programs.”  said Mullen. 

A commitment to continuous improvement

Rocket® and HappyOrNot are committed to enhancing customer satisfaction through continuous feedback and improvement. This partnership has set a new standard in customer service excellence within the convenience retail industry, demonstrating the power of listening to and acting on customer feedback. 

About Rocket®

Rocket® is the West Coast’s leading gas station and convenience store chain, with over 460 locations across California, Washington, Colorado, and Oregon. Following a significant rebranding in 2022 and introducing an innovative Rocket® Stores app and Rocket CREW® loyalty program in 2023, Rocket® has continued to elevate the customer experience, supported by its recent expansion and the strategic use of customer feedback systems like HappyOrNot. Learn more at