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Why does customer feedback matter?

Feedback is a valuable tool for improvement. Whether it’s about personal development or growing your company, there’s no better way to grow than by receiving and listening to feedback from others. Collecting customer feedback should be a priority for all types of companies, services and organizations – both big and small.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to get honest feedback. It could be that the platform for giving feedback is missing or that the customers are intimidated to give truly honest feedback. Another problem is that we sometimes receive feedback only when something is not working or there is a problem. Just like constructive criticism, positive feedback and well-deserved compliments are just as valuable for learning and development.

We may at times ignore positive feedback by doing nothing with it. However, whereas negative feedback and constructive criticism tell us what should be improved, positive feedback is a good indicator of the things we are doing well at the moment. There is no use in collecting feedback, both positive and negative, if we just forget about it and do not use it to improve.

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Why are smiley faces great for customer feedback?

Your customers cannot give feedback if you don’t have a place to do so. Similarly, many customers will not give feedback or tell their opinion of your service if they are not asked for it. That’s why it is important to ensure that you offer a way for giving feedback–both negative and positive.

By making giving feedback as easy as possible, you enable your customers to let you know what they think. Are they happy or not? Here simplicity is key. By offering your customers a few simple options to choose from, it is easy for them to tell what they think of you and your service. If you ask for feedback but offer only long questions with many options, the customer will only get confused and overwhelmed.

This is why smiley faces are a great way to collect customer feedback and improve their customer experience. Smiley faces express emotions so they do not require the customer to think too hard. To give feedback, all the customer needs to do is ask themselves how happy they are with the service or product they have received.

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How do smiley face surveys work for customer feedback?

Collecting customer feedback can be done incorrectly if you don’t know how and what to ask. It’s just as important to ask for customer feedback at the right time and in the right place. Here’s how you can ensure that your customers take the time and effort to give valuable and reliable feedback:

  • Make giving feedback easy. When presented with surveys about customer satisfaction, respondents spend hardly any time answering if giving feedback is inconvenient.
  • Make giving feedback anonymous. It is hard to collect truly reliable feedback from customers if they are not being honest–or don’t answer at all! Respondents will say exactly what they think and how they feel when they can do so anonymously.
  • Make giving feedback fast. This is where smiley face surveys come in handy. Selecting smiley faces does not require too much time and effort from customers, so they can give feedback quickly.
  • Ask for feedback at the right time. Instant feedback is the best way to catch customers when they have the experience still fresh in mind. This can be when leaving a retail store or while using an online service.
  • Ask for feedback in the right place. A simple feedback button with a smiley face on it is easy to use to collect insights about customers’ level of satisfaction. Feedback buttons can be placed both online and offline at several experience points.
  • Don’t give too many options. When faced with too many options to choose from, customers may become overwhelmed and skip answering altogether. That is why just four simple smiley faces are enough to collect feedback about customer satisfaction.

Follow these guidelines to improve the response rate of feedback surveys. When customers give honest and instant feedback, it is much easier to catch unhappy customers and identify issues that should be addressed.

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Collect feedback data and make your customers happy with HappyOrNot

Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine the simplicity of smiley face surveys with a user-friendly interface, real-time feedback, easy reporting and more? With HappyOrNot you can do just that. HappyOrNot makes collecting customer feedback easy and effective with the right solution for every situation.

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HappyOrNot Analytics allows you to track how you are performing over time and forecast the future, analyze customer feedback and hear what your customers have to say. HappyOrNot Analytics also lets you share the results and help your business or organization improve.

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