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Increase revenue and ease of shopping at your health & beauty stores

HappyOrNot’s Smiley face instant feedback terminals and insightful analytics provide you with the knowledge you need to improve product selection, service, and promotions across channels to keep your customers coming back.


HappyOrNot solution for health and beauty stores

HappyOrNot makes customer feedback solutions accessible for health and beauty businesses of all sizes. Our instant feedback terminals can be placed anywhere in your store, from the entrance to the checkout, giving you a complete overview of your customers’ experience.

How It Works



Place the Smiley feedback terminals throughout your store. It's easy and only takes a few minutes to assemble.



Customers let you know what they think about their shopping experience in real-time using an intuitive smiley face system.



Customer feedback data is automatically connected to time, place, and reason to uncover valuable insights.



Share, engage, and act on the insights with your team to optimize operations, improve customer satisfaction, and increase loyalty.

Importance of collecting feedback for the health and beauty industry


Collecting customer feedback is essential for businesses in the health and beauty industry. With the growing competition from department stores and online stores, businesses must understand customer needs and preferences in real-time to make informed decisions that cater to long-term success. By collecting feedback with HappyOrNot, you can: 

  • Provide better suited product selection for customers that aligns with their needs and preferences
  • Increase basket size through improved associate interaction with customers (upsell and cross-sell)
  • Optimize resourcing for efficient operations and staff management
  • Align experience and revenue streams across multiple channels to maximize sales opportunities

The perfect feedback solution for your health & beauty stores

Capture instant customer feedback effortlessly with our cutting-edge Smiley face feedback devices. Whatever your business’s unique needs, our wide range of Smiley products have a perfect match for you to optimize feedback collection.

Retailer success stories with HappyOrNot

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our happy clients have to say about using HappyOrNot to bring more alignment between customer needs and store operations to drive growth based on real-life information.

Kenneth G. Sørensen

Operations and Business Development Manager,
XXL Sports & Outdoor

“HappyOrNot gives us the unique ability to consistently measure customer satisfaction at a completely elevated and statistically significant level than ever before.” 

Area Manager,

“Our biggest goal is to reach our sales targets with certain resources without ever compromising on the service level. [HappyOrNot] real-time Customer Experience insights are the everyday tool we use to make sure we reach that goal.“ JACK & JONES Area Manager
Joe Ruhoff

Director of Retail Operations,
Nectar Cannabis

“Improving our scheduling has had a positive impact to our bottom line. There is a direct correlation between our customer feedback scores and sales.”
Geoff Given

Chief Operating Officer,
Good 2 Go stores

“If someone is truly having either a great experience or bad experience at one of our stores, we’re finding that they’re using the opportunity of the HappyOrNot platform to let us know. It’s a great way for us to get real and accurate feedback from our customers without us physically standing across from them and asking.”  
Tommi Kortman

eCommerce Manager,
Gigantti (Elkjøp Finland)

“Direct customer feedback is crucial because the user knows best. It’s great to have this connection with our customers also in the online world with Smiley Digital, even if we don’t get to meet them face to face.”

Try HappyOrNot in your health & beauty store today

Try HappyOrNot’s instant feedback terminals and insightful analytics today and start optimizing your product selection, service, and promotions for long-term success.

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