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Dispensary retailer’s focus on customer experience powers success

“Improving our scheduling has had a positive impact to our bottom line. There is a direct correlation between our customer feedback scores and sales.”

Joe Ruhoff
Director of Retail Operations, Nectar Cannabis

Key Challenges:

Employee recognition

In-store design

In-store foot traffic

Staff scheduling

Key improvement results:


decrease in the amount
of dissatisfied customers


more feedbacks collected after
start of staff recognition program


higher positive feedback
than the industry average


customer satisfaction scores
even during the pandemic

Nectar strives for customer-first strategy

Nectar is a US-based natural cannabis pharmaceutical company that takes pride in its customer experience, professional staff, and selection of quality products. The company was founded in 2013 and has 36 stores across the state of Oregon, with plans to open new locations.

2020 was an incredibly challenging year for retailers due to the pandemic, and Nectar’s in-store foot traffic naturally decreased. Determined to keep the business thriving and to compete in a fierce emerging market, Nectar decided to focus on establishing a customer-centric attitude among its workforce.

Paper surveys did not provide enough customer insights

Before launching with HappyOrNot, Nectar found it was nearly impossible to get real-time feedback from shoppers. Few customers answered the paper surveys Nectar distributed, which made it difficult for them to identify and fix customer pain points and keep up with changing customer needs.

“Improving our scheduling has had a direct and positive impact on our bottom line,” says Joe.

Real-time feedback improves store operations & motivates staff

With the help of HappyOrNot, Nectar improved operations like staff scheduling: store managers could see if employees were taking breaks at busy times, and plan in advance to ensure that the right people are in the right places.

Nectar also made changes to the showroom floor — including product placements, signage, and marketing materials — to improve the customer experience.

The real-time data also enabled Nectar to launch a company-wide staff recognition program. Nectar pin-point positive in-store experiences and the team responsible for them, then award staff members who performed above and beyond with a customer-first mindset. Since launching the program, Nectar has collected more than 4,000 customer feedbacks.

“The staff recognition program is good for staff morale, especially in the challenging year we have had,” says Joe.

14% higher positive feedback than industry average

Making decisions based on shoppers’ feedback led to an 67% decrease in dissatisfied customers and a 2% increase in customer satisfaction – even during the pandemic. By giving shoppers a voice and making them feel appreciated, Nectar formed a community of loyal customers who return for daily purchases.

Nectar’s curb-side pickup program, where customers could pick up products bought online from the safety of their car, also resulted in customers buying more per visit, accounting for 25-30% of Nectar’s business via this program.

About Nectar

Nectar was founded in 2013 by CEO Jeremy Pratt, and now operates in 36 locations throughout Oregon. Nectar takes pride in its customer experience, professional staff, and its selection of quality products.

The company received The Better Business Bureau Northwest + Pacific’s Oregon’s 2019 Spark Award for Ethics, honoring businesses that demonstrate exceptional commitment to building trust and integrity with their customers, fellow business owners, and communities. Learn more at

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