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Optimize menu choices and quality for profitability and repeat business

HappyOrNot’s food service customer satisfaction kiosks helps you increase your market share in a competitive industry and optimize your services for higher customer lifetime value. 

Smiley Touch feedback terminal survey in restaurant

Smiley Terminal in cafeteria food services

Collect feedback with HappyOrNot’s food services solution

With our instant feedback terminals, you can connect guest feedback with the time, place, and reason. This lets you understand what it takes to create a positive experience through menu items, delivery, service, and overall quality. 

HappyOrNot surveys provide sharing and collaboration capabilities for all insights collected, allowing you to share trends with your team and identify issues or bottlenecks to help you retain customers for longer. 

How HappyOrNot turns feedback into happy guests

HappyOrNot’s food services feedback platform is the best way to collect responses from guests and turn their feedback into long-term benefits for your business. Our solution empowers every team to work together to improve the business, from marketing teams working on the brand to chefs enhancing food quality and sustainability. 

How It Works


Collect feedback

Let your guests share feedback instantly and easily while the experience is still fresh in their minds.

analyze data icon


Find patterns, share insights, and engage your team with our clear dashboard highlighting key metrics and KPIs.


Make informed decisions

Make data-driven decisions that improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and referrals and drive long-term growth.


Optimize services

Use the insights to optimize processes, menus, and services to ensure best practices for increased profitability.

Track and improve guest satisfaction with data

The single Analytics dashboard provides food service companies with instant feedback data, allowing you to focus on optimizing your menu choices and quality with cost. With the power of artificial intelligence, HappyOrNot lets you optimize resourcing, food wastage and customer requirements and provides real-time insights, ensuring easy access to  data to improve service quality   

With managed services available, HappyOrNot supports food service businesses in effectively managing the solution, interpreting results, and educating the team to enhance the overall guest experience. 


HapyOrNot Smiley Touch in cafeteria food services

The importance of guest feedback for food service operators

The highly competitive business environment food service operators operate in calls for real operational efficiency combined with guest satisfaction. By collecting continuous guest feedback, you can 

  • Better understand what your guests really value 
  • Find the best balance between menu choices, food quality, and cost 
  • Optimize inventory, minimize food wastage, and improve sustainability 
  • Secure return visits and gain good word of mouth to attract new guests  


Customer experience success stories

Our case studies demonstrate how HappyOrNot’s feedback software and online survey tools have helped service businesses collect and review valuable feedback, make data-driven decisions, and stay ahead of the competition in a demanding business space.   

Sami Eriksson

Head Chef,

“The improved customer satisfaction results were motivating our staff who were in turn striving to provide even better customer service.”
Laura Krusius

Head of frontline services,

“HappyOrNot is a standard part of our restaurant concept. It is a win-win for all involved.”
Arvind Stokes

V.P. of Operations,

“If you care about your customer experience, if you care about real-time data, if you care about knowing how the customers are experiencing your product and service, then you better have a system like HappyOrNot.”
Courtney Hill

Director of Marketing,
Chartwells Higher Education

“We’ve found that the HappyOrNot Smiley Terminals enable students to submit continuous, fact-driven data.”

HappyOrNot's food services feedback system

Capture instant customer feedback effortlessly with HappyOrNot’s cutting-edge Smiley face feedback devices and analytics system. Foresee potential issues before they occur and gain real-time visibility into the time, place, and reasons behind guest feedback to foster continuous improvement. 

Keep your guests coming back for more

Transform your business with real-time surveys and collect customer insights from intuitive responses that guests can leave with one click of a Smiley button and keep your feedback loop going.   

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