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How Technopolis Continually Builds a Better Lunch Experience

“HappyOrNot is a standard part of our restaurant concept. It is a win-win for all involved.”

Laura Krusius
Head of frontline services, Technopolis
Industry: Managed Services

Continually improving the lunch dining experience

Technopolis and its service providers—the restaurant operators—work in close collaboration to ensure continual improvement of the lunch dining experience for all their customers and visitors.

Technopolis developed a strong quality improvement process with HappyOrNot:

Local restaurant management and staff continually monitor and review customer satisfaction data

Technopolis and its service providers implement regular quality reviews

Technopolis shares satisfaction data with end-customers through regular customer interaction reports

How Technopolis Continually Builds a Better Lunch Experience

Technopolis is a shared workplace expert that provides efficient and flexible offices and coworking spaces along with services like reception, meeting solutions, restaurants, and cleaning. Obsessed with customer satisfaction, Technopolis offers high-class catering services in all its workspaces.

Technopolis began using HappyOrNot in 2009 to manage the quality of its purchased outsourced food services. Each of the lunch catering areas at Technopolis campuses are equipped with HappyOrNot Smiley Terminals that ask customers “Please rate our service today.

A win-win for everyone involved

“HappyOrNot is a standard part of our restaurant concept,” says Laura Krusius, head of frontline services at Technopolis.

“It is a win- win for all involved—we can ensure the quality required by quality standards, our operators have a state-of-the-art tool and motivator to help them exceed their targets and gain rewards, and our lunch customers have a convenient way to give feedback and see the results via the customer interaction reports.”

Expanding to other Technopolis operations

In 2010—a year after implementing HappyOrNot—Technopolis implemented customer satisfaction as a KPI for catering operations. HappyOrNot then became a standard part of Technopolis’s restaurant concept in 2011. As of 2014, Technopolis began using HappyOrNot in other operations, including its reception services.

About Technopolis Plc.

Technopolis Plc. is a workspace expert that specializes in leasing offices and providing a full range of services. The company’s 17 campuses host 1,600 companies with 50,000 employees in six countries within the Nordic and Baltic Sea region.

Obsessed with customer satisfaction and value creation, Technopolis understands that office space and services go hand in hand. They aim to provide the best addresses for companies to succeed in Finland, Norway, Estonia, Russia and Lithuania.

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