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Pricing and features

HappyOrNot is a SaaS-based solution that helps companies improve business performance with in-moment, actionable feedback. Let our experts create the right solution fit for your needs!

Which edition is right for you?

HappyOrNot pricing includes a setup fee for the service plus an annual subscription fee based on your unique mix of feedback collection points. No hidden costs, no extra load on your IT infrastructure. Contact us today to get your personalized offer!

With HappyOrNot, you will never pay for:

  • Feedback volume
  • Number of surveys
  • Number of users or reporting access
  • Report distribution and sharing

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Customize to your needs

No matter what your use case and unique business needs, our experts will help you find the right solution fit. Plus, you always get full advantage of these benefits as part of your subscription:

Fast setup, easy operation
  • Plug it in and start getting feedback
  • Create and modify surveys easily
  • Common robust Analytics tool for all the different feedback terminals
Unbeatable response rates
  • Easy-to-use, engaging Smileys capture emotions in the moment of experience
  • Range of feedback terminals to support your personalized set up
  • Set up anywhere, no need for WiFi or power plugs
Unlimited surveys and responses
  • Create as many surveys as you like
  • Set up surveys for different periods during a day or a week
  • Capture as many responses as you can without additional cost

Smiley feedback terminal types

Essentials Professional Managed
Smiley Touch
Smiley Digital
Smiley Terminal

Package features list

Essentials Professional Managed
Add insights about the reason behind the feedback with additional questions and open feedback
Collaborate in real time (alerts, notifications, comments)
Connect feedback with target audience and automatically capture demographic data*
Immediately react to feedback on a personal level – voluntary contact details
Choose your own scale and index to align with your business requirements
Guard feedback quality, screen out repetitive feedback
Unlimited feedback, surveys, users and administrators to scale to your needs
Multiple simultaneous surveys
Review results and prioritize actions
Industry leading benchmark data for your industry
Set and track targets
Share results to engage your team and customers (PDF, Excel, CSV, PowerPoint)
Predict future performance based on previous trends
Real-time update results from feedback terminal
File export and API for easy usage of feedback in your preferred system
Use HappyOrNot Analytics anywhere with mobile app
Safe feedback with antimicrobial protection*
Customize to your needs: product branding and additions*
Improve sign-in process security and ease of use with Single sign-on *

Package services list

Essentials Professional Managed
Let HappyOrNot manage the solution for you
Premium support
Onboarding - get started with HappyOrNot
Develop your expertise with self-learning

* At additional cost

** Smiley Terminal and Smiley Digital

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