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Get faster results with customer feedback as Managed Service

HappyOrNot Managed Service provides your business with a complete solution to transform your customer experience. We’ll measure and analyze your feedback for you while you sit back and enjoy the profits!


How it works

Our feedback management expertise lets you take advantage of our three core services to help you get the most out of customer feedback: Measure, Analyze, and Educate. Your customer experience data is measured and analyzed with training and support to help you turn feedback into actions that your business can take today.


Measure - Optimize feedback collection

HappyOrNot Managed Service streamlines and optimizes your feedback collection. We handle the surveys and feedback, ensuring high response rates and accurate data. Gain valuable insights while we handle the heavy lifting, freeing your team to continue running your core business.


Analyze - Uncover hidden insights

Our HappyOrNot specialists extract valuable insights from the feedback collected. We use advanced analytics and data-driven methods to uncover patterns, trends, and areas for action. Our experts take care of the analysis so your team can make informed decisions and take action.


Educate - Drive business transformation

Transforming insights into revenue is our priority. With HappyOrNot's training and advisory offerings, we help you implement changes that optimize processes, enhance customer experiences, and boost bottom line. Unleash your team's full potential to drive impactful change!

Why Choose HappyOrNot Managed Service?


Our goal is to empower retail, services, and healthcare businesses like yours to boost customer satisfaction, drive growth, and increase revenue.

Proven expertise – Benefit from our years of experience in feedback management and customer satisfaction.

Industry-focused solutions – Our specialized services cater to the unique requirements of retail, services, and healthcare sectors.

Advanced analytics – Gain a deeper understanding of your customers with the help of our team using cutting-edge analytics tools.

Real business transformation – Turn insights into tangible results, driving revenue growth and transforming your business.

Optimal response rates – Capture in-moment, relevant feedback with our dedicated resources and strategies.

Training and advisory services – Implement changes and adapt to evolving customer needs with our expert guidance.
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Explore your personalized solution today

We believe that business success should be available to every company looking to create an improved customer experience. Our Managed service provides the fastest way to success. We offer solutions tailored to each company’s needs, regardless of their business objectives or budget.

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