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Measure customer feedback with our Smileys

Make feedback collection a breeze with our versatile feedback terminals. Designed to excel in any use case and environment, they empower your business with valuable insights to create exceptional experiences that keep your customers happy and loyal.

The perfect feedback solution customized to your business

Capture instant customer feedback effortlessly with our cutting-edge Smiley Touch, Smiley Digital, and Smiley Terminal devices. Whatever your business’s unique needs – online, in-store, multiple touchpoints, many locations, or more – our wide range of Smiley products have a perfect match for you to optimize feedback collection.

Key features of our customer experience feedback terminals 

HappyOrNot is a comprehensive customer feedback management solution. Our feedback terminals always come with Analytics, onboarding support, and scalable training resources.  Key features include:

Start your transformation journey by listening to your customers

Discover the power of customer feedback in driving business transformation. Building an outstanding customer experience begins with actively listening to their needs. Our full range of Smiley products effortlessly capture the insights you need to make meaningful improvements. Start measuring customer satisfaction today and take your business to new heights with HappyOrNot.

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Transform your business with real-time customer insights.