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The key to a positive customer experience (CX)

Customer experience management is possible only with the right tools and data. Read how to measure, analyze and improve your customer experience with HappyOrNot's real-time feedback system.

A great customer experience, or CX, is essential for all customer-facing companies, whether operating in the retail industry, running a small coffee shop or selling products on the internet through a dedicated online store.  

But how do you improve customer experience without valuable feedback from your existing customers? Even when you have large quantities of customer data, it is of no use if you cannot interpret and use it to aid decision-making. 

Fortunately, listening to your customers is easy when you have the right tools to manage the data about their experience. HappyOrNot’s Smiley Touch™, Smiley Digital™, and Smiley Terminal™ feedback collecting products are easy for your customers to use and help you turn their experiences into actionable insights that fuel growth. 

Collect valuable feedback from your customers 

The path to improving customer experience starts with collecting feedback. Listen to what your customers are saying about the service they received at one of your locations, their experience when ordering online, or whether they found everything they needed when browsing at your store. 

With HappyOrNot’s Smiley face terminals, your customers can share valuable feedback on their experience as soon as they interact with your business. Collecting insights about customer experience is done with just a push of a button with the Smiley Terminal™ to quickly gauge if they were happy or not, whereas the Smiley Touch™ lets your customers share their thoughts in more detail with an interactive touch screen.  

Get real-time feedback about customer experiences 

Data about customer experience is most valuable when collected in the moment, when the shopping experience or an encounter with staff is still fresh in mind. When collecting customer experience data in your physical location, place feedback terminals in the most important touchpoints, such as service desks, check-out, or the exit.  

As 73% of consumers use multiple channels during their customer journey, make sure to cover all touchpoints and allow shoppers to share their thoughts about their experiences online as well. With Smiley Digital™, your customers can share their feedback online, for example, on your website or through a survey email sent after their purchase. 

Analyzing customer experience data 

Detailed customer experience data loses its value if you cannot put it to good use. You need to know when shoppers, diners, and visitors are the most active, who they are, and why they were (or were not) happy with their experience.  

Visualizing the information you have collected is the easiest way to draw conclusions based on customer data and steer your business, products and customer service in the right direction. 

Here is how customer experience analytics helps you: 

  • Reveal patterns and trends in customer behavior and preferences. 
  • Compare your performance and the development of customer experience over time. 
  • Share insights about customer experience internally and enable customer service professionals to focus on areas needing improvement. 
  • Highlight key metrics and KPIs that are most valuable for your business. 

Customer experience is a vast and multifaceted concept, and measuring with confidence is not always easy. HappyOrNot helps you turn customer experience data into graphs, trendlines, numerical ratings and interactive dashboards that remove the guesswork from what areas of your service operations are working well and what areas need improvement along the entire customer journey. 

Read more about HappyOrNot Analytics and book a demo today! 

Benefits of customer experience management 

Ensuring your customers are happy during each stage of the customer journey is worth the effort. A single good experience can turn a first-time buyer into a lifelong advocate, whereas a bad experience can lead to negative word of mouth among fellow shoppers.  

Here is how customer experience management based on real-life feedback data supports your business goals and leads to happier customers: 

  • Increase revenue 
  • Reduce customer churn and improve retention 
  • React to trends in customer behavior and preferences 
  • Improve customer loyalty and engagement 
  • Build brand loyalty and customer lifetime value 
  • Improve your customer satisfaction score 

Improve your customer experience with HappyOrNot 

Start listening to your customers to turn their positive and negative experiences into valuable data insights with HappyOrNot. Our Smiley solutions help you reach your customers during different stages of their customer journey whether interacting with you in person or online.  

HappyOrNot helps businesses across industries, from retail to healthcare and services, improve customer experience management and better meet customer expectations and needs.  

Read more about our Smiley solutions and book a demo today! 

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