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Integrate feedback data with your key business data

Unlock new benefits with HappyOrNot's API. Combine customer feedback insights with your key business data and systems, leverage our strategic partnerships, or build your own custom integration.

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Seamless integrations for enhanced insights and security

Gain additional insights and enhance the customer feedback experience by integrating HappyOrNot data with your key business systems and solutions. 

  • Utilize our HappyOrNot API to develop custom applications and integrate data into various formats and company-specific systems.  
  • Leverage our strategic partnerships to combine customer experience scores with additional data sources for deeper insights.  
  • Enjoy enhanced security through seamless integrations with popular Identity and Access Management tools. 

Easy, secure, and comprehensive API

The HappyOrNot API is easy and its data structures intuitively support BI applications. Some of the benefits that you can achieve:  

  • Integrate HappyOrNot data with your other business data easily, quickly and securely 
  • Generate data and folder structures as well as searches automatically for quick results
  • Control access according to need and business role for improved privacy 


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Develop your own applications

Develop applications that access and utilize the customer feedback data and features of the HappyOrNot Analytics using our API. Based on the Open API standard, our API allows you to draw in all raw feedback data, quickly configure infrastructure, generate client code, and create test cases for your own applications.  

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Present HappyOrNot data in a different format from the standard HappyOrNot reports to fit your personal requirements.

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Integrate HappyOrNot data to other company-specific systems such as business intelligence systems or customer experience platforms.

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Present HappyOrNot data on different systems such as your website, intranet, or extranet for wider access and visibility.

Leverage our strategic partnerships for even more insights 

Get even more value and insights out of HappyOrNot feedback data and connect it to data from. Connect the customer experience scores with e.g. shopper analytics to understand how the experience can affect shopper behavior. 

Read more about our strategic partnerships with key software and solution companies such as Sensormatic Solutions, Raydiant, and more.  

Integrations for identity and access management tools 

Enjoy robust security while keeping access to the solution easy and convenient for the users and administrators as well as reduce complexity in the security set-up. HappyOrNot provides integrations to the most common Identity and Access Management (IAM) tools, such as Microsoft Azure AD, Google, Okta, AWS SSO. 

Our Single sign-on is built on the SAML 2.0 standard, allowing our customers to benefit from daily password managers, such as Microsoft Authenticator, utilizing two-factor authentication based on the IAM tools.  

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Combine HappyOrNot data with your key business metrics


Gain additional insights and enhance the customer feedback experience by integrating HappyOrNot data with your key business systems and solutions. 

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