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Sneak peek into the HappyOrNot Solution

Wondering how our solution works in practice? In these short demos our training managers walk you through how easy it is to use our customer feedback solution! Something still unclear? Contact us to receive your personal live demo.

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What is the HappyOrNot Solution?

Watch this video to get an overview of the different elements of our solution. The next videos are more in-depth demos with our experts:

  1.  Navigating HappyOrNot Analytics

  2.  Quick View

  3.  Details

  4.  Alerts

  5.  Foresights

  6.  How to: Monitor results & recognize patterns

  7.  How to: Set up the perfect survey

Demo 2. Analytics – Quick View page

We present the different widgets that can be found in the Analytics Quick View page. Quick View gives you a snapshot of how you’re performing. 

Demo 3. Analytics – Details

Let’s have a look at the Analytics Details page, where you can dig deeper into the feedback as well as spot patterns, locations and times where you might need improvement.

Demo 4. Analytics – Alerts

In this video we go over the Analytics Alerts tools that help you follow the performance throughout the day, react to issues as they occur and prevent problems before they have a chance to escalate.

Demo 5. Analytics – Foresights

Analytics Foresights tools help you automatically analyze performance to find the root cause of possible issues, the best and worst performing times as well as pain points and highlights.

Demo 6. Monitor results and recognize patterns

Watch this to get advice and tips on what to focus on in Analytics on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Learn how to read the data and spot different patterns.  

Demo 7. Learn to set up the perfect survey

Finally, we go over some best practices on how to set up a great survey.

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