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Demonstrate good patient care with the HappyOrNot hospital feedback tool

Increase patient satisfaction by using continuous, instant feedback insights and boost service reputation, improve quality of care, and secure increased funding – all in a single dashboard. 

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Satisfied patients = more revenue

HappyOrNot’s solution brings significant value to hospitals, leading to more revenue through improved patient satisfaction scores and reviews. By improving HCAHPS ratings and building a better reputation, hospitals can attract more patients and increase potential funding. 

The in-moment patient feedback data helps healthcare providers quickly identify improvement areas, validate changes, and adapt to evolving patient needs. With HappyOrNot, hospitals can better ensure patients’ expectations are met, enhancing the quality of care physicians and staff members provide.

The easiest way to collect patient feedback

Improve patient experience and discover how to turn any bad review into an opportunity to improve with HappyOrNot. 

How It Works



Get instant feedback from patients and visitors throughout the day to identify trends and ways to optimize care.



Automatically connect feedback with emergencies and events to learn how patients feel along their journey.

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Full coverage

Actively listen to both visitors and patients about their experience with your care services to find ways to improve.

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Detailed data

Instantly discover the answers to key questions, like wait times, scheduling, staffing, to promptly address issues.

Patient satisfaction online and in hospitals 

By collecting feedback data through patient surveys and online reviews, hospitals can understand patients’ concerns and expectations, leading to improved patient care and increased patient satisfaction.  

HappyOrNot’s real-time feedback feature empowers healthcare organizations to develop better processes, enhance communication, and improve overall healthcare quality, ensuring a positive online reputation and attracting prospective patients. 

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Improve patient experiences in hospitals with HappyOrNot 

By gaining insights into care transitions and communication between all stakeholders, healthcare providers can improve patient preparedness for home transitions and optimize overall care, attracting and retaining more satisfied patients.  

With the ability to identify trends using real-time patient feedback data, hospitals can: 

  • reduce waiting times, improve processes, and enhance experiences 
  • attract and retain patients and staff 
  • reward staff for excellent quality of care 
  • improve reputation, HCAHPS scores and boost business

Enhance the patient experience with cutting-edge technology

Transform patient insights into real business growth by driving more revenue and optimizing business performance. Our Analytics platform ensures optimal response rates with dedicated resources and strategies, capturing in-the-moment feedback for meaningful improvements.  

Implement changes and adapt to evolving patient needs with expert training and advisory support to elevate your health provider’s reputation with positive online reviews, attracting new patients and securing approval from key stakeholders.  


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Boost the employee experience for improved patient satisfaction

With our advanced feedback system, hospitals can measure both patient satisfaction and employee experience using the same tool.

By actively listening to the concerns and feedback of staff members, healthcare providers can identify areas of improvement within their workforce, such as training needs, workflow optimization, or process enhancements, leading to motivated and happy employees that are better able to provide quality care. 

Patient experience success stories

With extensive industry experience in measuring and managing feedback for the healthcare sector, HappyOrNot is well-equipped to address the unique needs of medical practices and health centers. Hear how HappyOrNot’s feedback software and online survey tools have helped our customers collect and review valuable feedback, make data-driven decisions, and stay ahead of the competition.

Katherine Salkanovic

Director of Patient Experience,

“HappyOrNot is at the center of everything because it’s how I get feedback from patients, their families, and our employees. I am a very firm believer that patient experience is tied to everything from clinical success to employee engagement. Each of our employees is an ambassador of HappyOrNot because it’s important to the entire organization.”
Carson O’Neill

Operations Coordinator of Physician Services,
Knox Community Hospital

“HappyOrNot has given us at Knox Community Hospital the ability to see our days from a whole new and different perspective. Today, our doctors, nurses and staff are provided with the opportunity to hear from our patients at lightning speed and address any issues even before the day ends.”  
Angela Hughes

Assistant Director of Patient Experience,
Cardiff and Vale UHB

“Because our organization’s resources can be very limited, we have to make sure we’re targeting improvements in the right places, and delivering the right care at the right time. What we’re able to do with HappyOrNot is test our hypotheses.”
Jake Mentele

Support Services Manager,
University of Colorado Hospital

“Never before could we analyze and report patient experience in such an easy, cost effective, and simple manner. We’ve increased our patient experience because of this and are amazed by the [HappyOrNot] product.”
Colleen Taylor

Vice President of Operations,
Hannam Fertility Centre

“We’ve seen HappyOrNot mold how our employees behave. Now, they recognize that when patients are being asked ‘how did we do today’ or ‘would you recommend us to your family and friends’, they want to be reason that our patients press the green button.”

HappyOrNot hospital feedback platform

Our cutting edge solutions enable instant feedback from patients and visitors. With advanced analytics and data-driven methods, you gain the ability to transform insights into actionable improvements to boost your patient satisfaction scores.

Collect continuous patient feedback with HappyOrNot

Embrace the power of positive patient feedback to develop better processes, enhance communication, improve overall healthcare quality, attract prospective patients, and boost scores!

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