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HappyOrNot Analytics

Base your decisions on data. Stop the guesswork and use data to drive action where it counts most.

The engine behind our Smileys

HappyOrNot Analytics allows you to set your targets, analyze patterns, and predict future performance to be one step ahead. Empower your team by sharing the results, collaborate in real-time to fix issues, and act on data to improve your performance.

Easy analytics

Set your targets, pinpoint issues, and predict performance.

Collaborate in real-time

Empower your team to make improvements that can be measured and verified.

Share & engage

Make customer experience a priority throughout your organization.


Compare your performance by site, weekday, or time of day.


Quickly identify main highlights and pain points in your service.


Hear your customers’ voice and understand their emotions.


Share results in real-time and collaborate to engage your team.

What’s included?

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