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Your ideal customer feedback system

Get the perfect Smiley feedback solution fit for your business. Cover your on-site and online touch points, connect the data with our powerful Analytics, and gain a complete view of your customer experience.

The right tools to understand your customers’ experience 

HappyOrNotprovides the widest set of real-time customer feedback solutions to fit your business’s need. Get the perfect selection or combination of our Smiley products and collect maximum customer feedback that helps you make effective, data-driven decisions.

Smiley Touch 

Uncover the root causes of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction at places where people tend to spend a bit more time. 

Smiley Terminal™  

Get immediate on-the-go feedback without disrupting the flow at busy places with the 1-second surveys.  

Smiley Digital 

See beyond the physical experience and connect your online customer experience to gain a comprehensive view. 

Explore our different customer feedback products

Our Smiley product range offers diverse options to meet the requirements of your environment. The flexibility and scalability of our solution means you can cover all touch points and have all feedback data combined and analyzed in one platform. All Smileys support 4G and 5G, and the Smiley Touch can also be operated via aWiFi network. 

Floor stand models

Smiley Touch Floor stand provides excellent visibility and optimal placement to access maximum response rates. It delivers in-depth insights that unlock the what, when, where, and why of your customers’ feedback. 

Ideal for:  

  • Places where people spend a bit of time 
  • Waiting and conference rooms 
  • When it is important to connect the demographic to feedback 

HappyOrNot in cafeteria woman pressing Smiley Terminal for feedback

Smiley Terminal Floor stand is optimal for busy locations where the people flow should not be interrupted. And because it is wireless, it allows precise placement in any location, area, or touch point. 

Ideal for: 

  • High traffic areas  
  • Check-in and security counters 
  • Airports and other mass transportation lounges 

Wall models

Smiley Touch Wall product page

Smiley Touch Wall provides the same extensive functionality as the other Smiley Touch models. It enables accessibility at any height, takes very little space, and can be easily affixed to the wall with its own bracket.   

Ideal for: 

  • Lobbies, restrooms, or areas with limited floor space 
  • Locations with special height requirements (high or low)

Smiley Terminal Wall product page

Smiley Terminal Wall provides the same one-click feedback as the other Smiley Terminal models. It enables accessibility at any height, takes very little space, and comes with a quick and easy peel-and-stick attachment.   

Ideal for: 

  • Restrooms and other high traffic areas with limited floor space 
  • Locations with special height requirements (high or low) 

Table models

Smiley Touch Table product page

Smiley Touch Table provides the same extensive functionality as the floor stand and wall models. Its portability enables easy change of location and the close proximity to customer interactions encourages in-moment feedback.

Ideal for: 

  • Reception and service counters 
  • Areas where floor or wall space is not available 
  • Collecting staff-customer interaction feedback 

Smiley Terminal Table product page

Smiley Terminal Table provides the same feedback-on-the-go as the floor stand and wall models.  Its portability enables easy change of location and its one-click feedback means you get high volumes of in-moment feedback. 

Ideal for: 

  • Busy reception and service counters 
  • Areas where floor or wall space is not available
  • Maximizing visibility of staff-customer interaction without slowing flow

Rail & Mini models

Smiley Terminal Rail

Smiley Terminal Rail provides the same feedback-on-the-go functionality all our Smiley Terminal models. Its easy and secure set-up makes it the perfect solution for areas with high people flow and limited or no floor or wall space.  

Ideal for: 

  • Busses  
  • Trains & trams 
  • Cruise ships

Smiley Terminal Mini is the most compact of our feedback terminals and provides the same one-click functionality as all our Smiley Terminal models. Its portability and small size allows easy placement exactly where needed. 

Ideal for: 

  • Service counters with high people flow
  • Areas with extremely limited space
  • Maximizing visibility of staff-customer interaction without interruption

Smiley Digital versions

Smiley Digital Pop-up is a dynamic “pop-up” survey that can appear when and where you want. It helps you understand the various touch points so you can create a more consistent online customer experience.  

Ideal for: 

  • E-commerce 
  • Thank you pages 
  • Check-in pages 

Smiley Digital Embed is a static “always displayed” survey that allows you to place customer satisfaction surveys in any email or web page. It helps you measure and align experiences across your digital channels.  

Ideal for: 

  • Homepage 
  • Search, or product pages 
  • Newsletters and other customer emails 

Smiley Digital Solo is an easy-to-use digital feedback option that works in your physical environment as a QR code or digitally as a URL. In both cases, customers are directed to the online survey to leave their feedback. 

Ideal for: 

  • Posters or other signage
  • Tabletops or counters
  • Hot spots such as coffee machines 


Customize to your brand

Our Smiley Touch and Smiley Terminal products can be designed according to your brand identity in order to fit your environment.

Logo branding offers brand color and logo placed in the chosen Smiley products’ pre-defined areas, such as the leg plate, question sign, or the cover.

Custom branding offers customers the ability to have their own logo, colors, and creative branding elements on leg plates and question signs.

Analytics always included

All Smiley products include our easy-to-use, Analytics customer experience software that presents the results of your feedback in simple charts and graphs.

Analytics mines customer feedback, uncovers root causes, and connects the feedback to the time and place.

Use the insights to make informed data-driven decisions to improve customer experience, develop operations, and boost your business performance.

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