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Convenience store chain leveraging customer feedback to fuel growth

“If someone is truly having either a great experience or bad experience at one of our stores, we’re finding that they’re using the opportunity of the HappyOrNot platform to let us know. It’s a great way for us to get real and accurate feedback from our customers without us physically standing across from them and asking.”  

Geoff Given
Chief Operating Officer, Good 2 Go stores
Industry: Retail
Area: USA
Solution: Smiley Terminal

Key improvement results:


Volume of feedback received in first 6 months


Overall customer satisfaction score


Less dissatisfied customers


Test, compare, & validate store changes to achieve growth targets

Good 2 Go Stores seeks to double their growth

Good 2 Go Stores is a growing convenience store chain that prides themselves on being clean, friendly, and fun. They offer food, fuel, friendly service, clean restrooms and know the importance of putting a smile on the faces of their guests. The company began in 2013, has 67 stores today and plans to double its growth in the next 5 years.

Adjusting their operations to scale for this strategic growth, Good 2 Go wanted to ensure their customers remained happy and cleanliness and service stayed at the forefront. A great way to know is to hear it from their own customers. They sought a way to collect and analyze this feedback to stay on track.

High Volume of Feedback Collection

Given the large number of customers that visit their stores each day, Good2Go had to ensure that they engaged a solution that could capture and analyze significant volumes of feedback. HappyOrNot was selected as the solution provider.

“Gaining customer feedback is a gift for us to truly understand what the customer thinks. There’s nothing better than first-hand feedback from our guests, who we’ve found appreciate the anonymity that goes into HappyOrNot to be able to provide us with honest feedback.”

Instant notifications keep operations running smoothly

Along with continuous, in-moment feedback, instant notifications are enabled so that store leaders are alerted if a given number of negative (or positive) feedback taps are received with a designated timeframe. Once received, immediate action is taken and normal operations resume.

Over 250,000 customer feedbacks within six months

Not letting the pandemic get in the way of their growth targets, Good2Go launched with HappyOrNot in late 2020. Within a matter of weeks:

  • Received 60,000 feedbacks in the first month alone
  • Front line staff made changes to reduce unhappy customers by 30%
  • Restroom cleanliness feedback increased as it was easier to provide

Good2Go leveraged HappyOrNot feedback captured

What did this tell them? Their customers were eager to share feedback. Good2Go had a solid solution in place to keep their core performance indicators in check (clean and friendly service) while able to test, compare, and validate store changes to achieve growth targets.

“I think HappyOrNot has played a key part in our stores’ customer experience, even during the pandemic. Yes, it’s our job to keep the stores clean and our customers happy, but the HappyOrNot feedback gives us the opportunity to make the right changes at the right time.”

About Good 2 Go Stores

Since 2013, Good 2 Go Stores has been offering customers throughout the western United States all the convenience products, food and fuel one would come to expect from a growing and successful convenience store chain. 

Good 2 Go Stores puts a robust focus on the customer experience, from low prices to clean stores and friendly, approachable staff, across their 60-plus modern and up-to-date stores. To learn more, visit 

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