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JACK & JONES gained more satisfied customers

“Our biggest goal is to reach our sales targets with certain resources without ever compromising on the service level. [HappyOrNot] real-time Customer Experience insights are the everyday tool we use to make sure we reach that goal.“

Area Manager, JACK & JONES
Industry: Retail
Area: Europe

JACK & JONES’s Customer Experience Success

JACK & JONES dramatically improved customer satisfaction, gaining 35% more satisfied customers in just 6 months. They collected over 230,000 customer feedback responses from JACK & JONES stores around Finland.

HappyOrNot has helped JACK & JONES to:

Motivate staff and identify training needs

Increase sales and conversion rates

Plan and optimize daily in-store routines

Optimize resources and staff availability

JACK & JONES stores have been measuring real-time customer experience with HappyOrNot

How JACK & JONES gained 35% more satisfied customers in 6 months

JACK & JONES stores have been measuring real-time customer experience with HappyOrNot on top of traditional KPIs since December 2017 in order to develop their business and stay ahead of the competition. All levels of the organization use HappyOrNot data on a daily basis. Business management plans Customer Experience-based competitions, for example, and store managers identify pain points in the store experience and staff training needs.

Customer Feedback Analytics Help in Optimizing Customer Experience

Through the customer feedback analytics, JACK & JONES Store Managers and Area Managers have been able to identify a connection between positive customer feedback and boosts in conversion rates. Now, they can also identify certain patterns in customer satisfaction levels and the reasons behind the feedback with the HappyOrNot Smiley Touch.

“We saw that we were getting more red Smileys on some weekday evenings and Saturdays between noon and 5pm. I rescheduled our work shifts and breaks, and quickly noticed the amount of red Smileys decreasing. This type of concrete actions are motivational for us as Store Managers, and they enable us to show exact data on how we have optimized resources without compromising on customer satisfaction,” explains Store Manager Tanja Sormunen.

Mika-Jack &Jones

Setting New Standards for Customer Experience

JACK & JONES launched the  HappyOrNot service to all 25 store locations across Finland to get meaningful real-time Customer Experience data that they could act on. Their key goal was to reach their sales targets without compromise to their customer service level.

Satisfied customers are happy to return, so making sure buyers and non-buyers alike leave the store with a smile on their face is a top priority. With the Customer Experience data insights, JACK & JONES aims to understand the correlation between sales, footfall and Customer Experience, and to turn visitors into buyers by delivering an exceptional in-store experience.

“We used to use other methods such as exit surveys and mystery shopping, but the amount of data was simply too small to back up our decision-making. With HappyOrNot, we get a high participation rate and Customer Experience data that matters,” says Mika Puolimatka, JACK & JONES Retail Operations Manager.

Real-time Insights Reveal How Employee Satisfaction Affects Customer Satisfaction

JACK & JONES quickly discovered the correlation between customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

By asking employees how their work day was and by asking customers how they felt about the service they received, JACK & JONES is able to identify trends, compare results between locations, and even inspect Customer Experience and employee satisfaction at the workshift level to know whether improvements are needed. They can then take concrete corrective actions and test how improvements in employee satisfaction affect customer satisfaction.

“Customer Experience analytics and reports have become a daily motivation and leadership tool for us. Our staff’s professionalism and their attitude are visible results of this. Real-time Customer Experience data has made it clear to everyone in our team that every single everyday action matters, even the smallest ones,” tells a JACK & JONES store manager.

Real-time Customer Experience insights are the everyday tool we use to make sure we reach that goal.
“HappyOrNot is a Great Way for Us Managers To Motivate Teams”

“Every single action taken by our staff matters. And I love how our customers leave open feedback to thank a certain salesperson or the whole team who served them. We have found out, for example, that even when both sales figures and the HappyOrNot data are great, our staff might feel stressed.

“Our staff is amazing and dedicated to their work. HappyOrNot is a great way for us managers to motivate teams—we can show them the data and compliment them on the work they’re doing, as well as let them know that everything is fine and their work is important,” says Petra Wallenius, JACK & JONES Area Manager.


JACK & JONES is one of Europe’s leading menswear producers with more than 1,000 stores in 38 countries. JACK & JONES clothes are also sold by thousands of wholesale partners all over the world.


JACK & JONES is part of BESTSELLER, a large international fashion company. BESTSELLER brands and products are available online, in about 2,700 branded chain stores, 15,000 multi-brand and in-department stores around the world. BESTSELLER has more than 17,000 dedicated employees all over the globe.

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