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Customer feedback tips

Empower your teams to improve experiences with HappyOrNot’s new Real-time Collaboration solution

Whether it’s about a long queue, a messy washroom, or missing products, being slow to respond to problems has a huge negative impact on your customer experience. It adds unnecessary friction and hampers your overall service performance. With rising customer expectations, you simply can’t afford to offer anything less than a seamless and memorable experience. In fact, 51% of people will never do business with a company after just one bad experience

It’s crucial to analyze what went wrong and where you did well with CX at the end of a day. But what if you could solve problems at the very moment they happen? And, even better, what if you could communicate with your colleagues and staff in-the-moment to make instant changes and stay up to date? 

Don’t apologize to your unsatisfied customers a day later. Instead, take corrective actions right away to improve their experience with HappyOrNot’s Real-time Collaboration solution

What is Real-time Collaboration, and how does it work?

HappyOrNot’s Real-time Collaboration is an advanced, yet easy-to-use, frontline engagement solution. There are simply no other customer-centric systems available today that allow you to instantly receive alerts, dispatch tasks, and work together as a team to improve the customer experience in a heartbeat.

How exactly does it work? First, you set alert conditions on the locations and time periods that are being monitored. The real-time alerts can be generated from all Smiley Terminal, Smiley Touch and Smiley Digital products. If alerts have been generated by a Smiley Touch or Smiley Digital product, you can see the top pain points or highlights, along with any open customer feedback. When negative or positive responses in a specific location exceed a preset value during a specified time frame, automated push notifications are sent out to the right people on their mobile phones (with email alerts also sent out as a supporting channel). 

Alert acknowledgement and commenting provides a record of all situations, allowing managers and team members to stay up to date, log processes, and share feedback as issues are resolved. 

Fix problems faster, celebrate a job well done, and continuously improve your performance with the Real-time Collaboration solution.

Who is Real-time Collaboration for?

Whether you work in the retail, services, transportation, or healthcare industry, Real-time Collaboration can help you continuously improve your customer experience. Instant collaboration and fast incident management is a must when working with service providers, suppliers, or contractors for facility management, catering, cleaning, and security. 

The San Francisco 49ers were one of the original clients to partner with HappyOrNot and use the Real-time Collaboration. Moon Javaid, Vice President, Strategy & Analytics, San Francisco 49ers tells about how the solution helps them to make urgent corrections and adjustments, and increase their competitiveness with other stadiums“Our operational protocol is to respond to real-time alerts within five minutes. Our scores have increased over time. Fans are happier and understand we’re listening to them. Our overall experience satisfaction biometrics have improved by double digits.” 

What are the benefits?

Fix problems faster by actively listening to your customers

With Real-time Collaboration, you can make immediate customer experience improvements based on key feedback data. For example, when the CX level in a retail store drops at the cash area, the frontline employees and the relevant managers will get an alert. They’ll see the biggest pain points through the Smiley Touch follow-up selection, and note that “wait time” is the main problem. A staff member can then acknowledge the alert, open up a new checkout, and leave a comment so that their team and store manager know the current status. 

IRSA – a HappyOrNot client since 2018 – also started using the Real-time Collaboration for incident management across multiple touchpoints in their shopping centers. Juan Sebeto, Center Manager of Abasto Shopping tells: “HappyOrNot’s Real-time Collaboration is helping us to identify problems and act faster to resolve them in our shopping centers. Supervisors can now take immediate action and dispatch tasks to the right people, and we write comments on every alert. We use this, combined with the other insights from HappyOrNot, in our daily work to continuously improve the visitor experiences.

“For us, the main benefits relate both to the immediacy of action and the corroboration of satisfaction levels compared with the established standard. Above all, HappyOrNot provides critical insights that helps us to adopt a culture where actions are based on the opinion of our clients, and not our own.”

Celebrate success to motivate your staff

Real-time Collaboration is not just about incident management. It also allows you to celebrate good news, like when CX levels exceed a certain amount. Team leaders can acknowledge and comment on the positive alert, and your employees can take pride in the fact that they’re working towards better customer service. Seeing positive customer feedback and getting acknowledgement from team leaders helps to engage and motivate staff. And when you have happy employees, you also have happy customers. 

Understand the reason behind changes in customer satisfaction

Knowing that something is happening is the first step to improving customer experiences. Location managers then need to coordinate frontline staff in investigating and recording the operational reasons why satisfaction changes have occurred. Real-time Collaboration allows you to see at a glance the full details of when the change happened and for how long. Frontline staff can then easily acknowledge the notification to signal that investigations are underway. 

Continuously develop your performance

Leverage all your gathered information to improve service performance both on the spot and over time. Real-time Collaboration and incident management allows you to optimize your operations and meet your service commitments with third party providers, such as your key performance indicators set in service level agreements. Onboard and empower all relevant people to use Real-time Collaboration to strengthen communication and improve teamwork across your organization.

Real-time Collaboration is a premium solution within the HappyOrNot service. If you’re wondering whether this solution is right for you, get in touch with us!

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