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Leverage Data Into Actionable Insights

The reason most data analytics solutions fail is because they’re too complex to extract insights from. Neither do they deliver immediate insights at the time of the service experience. Our service eliminates the confusion of customer experience data analytics and delivers a steady flow of real-time insights that you can immediately use to take action!

HappyOrNot Customer Experience Data

Follow your performance

  • Quick View for at-a-glance performance overview
  • Analytics for digging deeper into the data insights
  • Real-time Collaboration for immediate frontline problem solving
HappyOrNot Customer Experience Data Integration

Stay connected

  • Mobile App for fast and easy access to results, anywhere
  • API for integration to your company’s own metrics
  • Email Reports for periodic performance summaries
  • Live Sharing for presenting results online and on-site
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HappyOrNot Reporting Service

See Your Performance At A Glance

Quick View offers an instant overview of your key performance results, summarized in clear informative widgets, to help you quickly focus on the most important insights.

Take Full Control Over Your Metrics

Analytics enables you to research long term trends, identify exact times and places of service level fluctuations, and more.  Learn where improvements or actions for the future are needed, test initiatives, and follow the impacts.

HappyOrNot Reporting Service - Total Results widget

Total Results

Visualizes the percentage and total amount of responses, giving an immediate overview of participation and performance.

HappyOrNot Berichtsservice – Vergleich-Widget


Ranks the results of all locations, from top to bottom performers, based on the Happy Index, showing locations needing most support.

HappyOrNot Reporting Service - Hourly Distribution widget

Hourly Distribution

Displays the amount of feedback and Happy Index trend line for every hour of operation, helping to pinpoint best and worst times.

HappyOrNotin Real-time Collaboration -ratkaisu elektroniikkaosastolla

Improve performance on the spot and over time

Real-time Collaboration enables you to instantly receive alerts via the Reporting app when there is a change in customer satisfaction levels. You can acknowledge issues and dispatch tasks, communicate actions taken, log processes, and continuously work together as a team to improve the customer experience in a heartbeat.

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HappyOrNot LiveSharing

Show Your Commitment To CX

Demonstrate to your customers and employees that their feedback is valuable by showing your performance results. Live Sharing is an easy way for you to display your results on screens or websites and contributes to enhancing their experience with your brand.

Comprehensive, Unified Results

HappyOrNot Reporting Admin


Integrate your performance data to your company’s own dashboard and metrics

HappyOrNot Reporting App Happy Index

Mobile App

See your performance results and analytics, anytime and anywhere, quickly and easily

HappyOrNot Tablet with email report

Email Reports

Automated performance report summaries, tailored for each management-level