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What is the Open Feedback Widget in HappyOrNot Analytics? 

The Open Feedback Widget transcends traditional feedback mechanisms, offering a holistic view of customer sentiments across surveys. Beyond a mere aggregator, this widget seamlessly merges button presses, follow-up options, and open feedback texts.  

Let’s explore the Open Feedback Widget’s inner workings for a customer-centric revolution. 

What’s the Open Feedback Widget? 

The Open Feedback Widget is a dynamic tool that compiles open feedback responses from surveys, offering a comprehensive view of both praise and concerns across platforms like Smiley Touch, Smiley Digital, and QR code surveys.  

By condensing this information, it becomes your go-to source for unraveling service nuances, helping you decode service problems and accolades. What’s more, it cleverly vanishes when there’s no open feedback during the chosen time frame, ensuring you focus on what matters most. 

Open feedback HappyOrNot analytics view

How does the Open Feedback Widget work? 

Customers can leave open feedback to complement their choice of Smiley button and the follow-up question. The open feedback is then shown in the Open Feedback Widget and spam can be automatically detected and filtered out. You can tailor your experience by choosing between filtered or unfiltered open feedback 



5 Benefits of the Open Feedback Widget  

360-Degree Customer Insight 

The Open Feedback Widget is a window into your customers’ minds. Gain a 360-degree view of customer experiences by tapping into real-time feedback from Smiley Touch, Smiley Digital, and QR code surveys. 

Effortless Issue Identification 

Say goodbye to the guessing game. With the Open Feedback Widget, pinpoint service problems with precision. The amalgamation of button presses, follow-up options, and open feedback texts makes identifying and resolving issues a breeze.  

Streamlined User Experience 

No clutter, no confusion. The widget gracefully bows out when there’s no open feedback, ensuring your dashboard remains clean and focused. Embrace a streamlined user experience that highlights what matters most, allowing you to efficiently address concerns and celebrate victories. 

Customizable Insights 

Tailor your data, and tailor your strategy. The Open Feedback Widget lets you choose between filtered and unfiltered open feedback, putting you in the driver’s seat. Customize your approach, adjust settings in the Admin page, and dive into insights that align with your unique business goals. 

Spam-Free Precision 

The spam filter feature, marked by a defiant red circle, separates genuine feedback from the clutter. The open feedback spam filter is your shield against irrelevant or low-quality feedback. Driven by a machine learning model trained on real customer feedback, it identifies feedback that adds no value to measuring customer or employee experiences and hones in on the feedback that truly matters. 

Infographic 5 benefits of open feedback via HappyOrNot

 How to screen out spam? 

You can customize the organization setting to automatically filter out spam feedback, and voilà – irrelevant feedback is screened out. The smart filter works seamlessly across surveys and experience points, impacting both HappyOrNot Analytics and PDF report attachments.  

Your preference is remembered, offering a personalized touch to your feedback analysis. Plus, actively mark/unmark feedback to fine-tune the machine learning model. Whether it’s brief greetings, single-word responses, or symbol-laden gibberish, the spam filter ensures you focus on meaningful insights.   


By encapsulating the essence of customer sentiments across diverse platforms, the Open Feedback Widget elevates your understanding of service dynamics.  

Embrace the future of customer engagement, where every button press, every follow-up option, and every open feedback text is a stepping stone toward excellence. Your journey begins with the Open Feedback Widget – where insights meet innovation. 

Frequently asked questions 

How do I delete open feedback items? 

Click the three dots at the top of the Open feedback widget and select Delete an entry. Then, click the trash can icon next to the entry you want to delete. 

How does the Open Feedback Widget enhance customer understanding? 

The widget compiles real-time feedback from surveys, providing a 360-degree view of customer sentiments, acting as a backstage pass to your customer journey. 

Can I tailor my feedback analysis with the widget? 

Absolutely. Choose between filtered or unfiltered open feedback, adjusting settings in the Admin page to align insights with your business goals. 

What happens if all feedback is classified as spam? 

If the filter is on and all feedback is marked as spam, the Open Feedback Widget disappears until you select a period with valid open feedback. 



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