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How to setup a survey kiosk with HappyOrNot

In today’s competitive landscape, understanding your customers is paramount. In this article, we’ll explore the unique strengths of HappyOrNot feedback solutions, explain how to setup a survey kiosk, and help you choose the right fit for your business needs. 

Here’s what we’ll cover: 

  • Harnessing customer insights 
  • Kiosk vs. Online 
  • HappyOrNot Kiosk Setup 
  • Making the Right Choice 

What’s a kiosk survey? 

Kiosk surveys allow you to gather real-time customer satisfaction data in real time, on location – just when and where the customer experience takes place. Picture an iPad or Android tablet transformed into a feedback hub, capturing responses instantly, even offline. 

Participants answer on-screen questions with multiple but simple response options. Forget managing accounts or tracking respondents. Feedback is automatically collected, analyzed, and presented in clear reports, ready to inform business decisions. 

Create your survey, mount the device strategically, and watch valuable insights pour in. Kiosk surveys offer a convenient, cost-effective way to gain actionable customer insights and drive business success. 

What’s an online survey? 

Online surveys let you gather valuable customer feedback from a vast, diverse audience at all touch points across the customer journey. Just craft a compelling survey title and share a unique link via email, social media, or your website, and with an internet connection, respondents can easily navigate your survey at their own pace on any device. 

Unlike traditional surveys with limited reach, online surveys offer a global scope and can cover any step – from initial awareness to after-sales. You can capture insights from various customer groups, get answers on specific questions with multiple response options, and gain valuable quantitative data. Then, analyze completed responses in real time, identifying trends and areas for improvement.  

Kiosk survey vs. online survey 

Need instant, in-person feedback from buyers and non-buyers alike? Kiosk surveys shine in high-traffic areas and for any demographic audience. Imagine a tablet at your store exit, collecting multiple responses with a quick questionnaire and the potential to capture the reasons for feedback. No logins or internet are needed – just press a button and share your thoughts. Perfect for collecting high-volume real-time feedback on specific or the overall experiences. 

Want to reach your online audience and gather digital-focused insights? Online surveys offer flexibility. Craft a survey focused on the experience at hand, allowing also for open feedback and deeper analysis. Embed a survey widget or pop-up on your website (good for capturing non-buyers), or share a link via email, newsletter, or your customer support (good for buyers), to reach customers anytime.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your goals. Kiosks excel at capturing immediate feedback and online surveys offer reach.  When used in the same customer feedback platform, they significantly complement each other by allowing you to cover both on-site and online experiences as a whole. Consider your needs and choose the tool that empowers you to collect valuable customer insights and make informed business decisions. 

How to setup a survey kiosk with HappyOrNot_infographic

5 steps to getting started with customer feedback kiosks

  1. Consider your CX goals

Imagine your ideal customer experience survey. What specific feedback are you looking for? Do you want to gauge overall satisfaction, understand pain points in particular areas, or measure the effectiveness of recent changes? 

  1. Choose your feedback channels

Will it be an always-on beacon of feedback, ready to collect responses any time, day or night? Are your customers visiting you physically, or do they typically shop online? Do you wish to automatically collect anonymous demographic data of your customers and visitors? These are all relevant questions to answer when choosing between a feedback kiosk or an online survey. 

  1. Create engaging surveys 

Based on your goals, define the set of questions that will help you to understand how your customers perceive those areas of your services. For example, ask “How do you rate our service today?” Get more in-depth details by asking follow up questions based on their response. For example, if a customer voted negatively, form a selection of what areas could be the cause, like Queue time, Selection, Price, Service staff, etc. Lastly, for even more granular insights, opt for allowing open-text feedback so customers can share their specific thoughts.

  1. Deploy your feedback kiosks

Find the perfect spot, such as a high-traffic area where customers can easily access it like a checkout counter or near an exit. Remember, a clear display and an engaging interface are crucial to encouraging participation. 

  1. Take action with the insights

As customers complete the survey, their responses will automatically pour into your HappyOrNot dashboard, transforming from individual customer voices into a holistic overview of your customer service performance. Track the data closely, identifying areas for improvement and celebrating successes. Use these insights to compose your actions, implementing changes that elevate your customer experience and drive business growth. 


Remember, collecting feedback is just the first step. The true power lies in listening attentively and taking action. Use these insights to refine your operations, offerings and service, improve customer satisfaction, and watch your business thrive. Whether you choose kiosk surveys for immediate in-person feedback or online surveys for broader reach, remember that the customer’s voice is your most valuable asset. Listen closely, and it will guide you towards sustained success. 

Frequently asked questions 

How do feedback kiosks collect feedback? 

Kiosks capture responses automatically. Customers answer on-screen questions, no accounts or logins are needed. The feedback instantly turns into data on your HappyOrNot dashboard -. 

Can I change what the home screen of my feedback kiosk looks like? 

Absolutely. Customize the home screen with your logo, branding, or welcome message. It’s all part of creating a seamless experience for your customers. 

How can my staff log into the HappyOrNot account? 

Staff don’t need to log in on the kiosk itself. Access and manage your kiosk remotely through our secure web browser interface. 

What’s an example of improvement companies can gain from feedback kiosks? 

Imagine a restaurant seeing feedback about slow service. They act, optimize staffing, and watch customer satisfaction improve, bringing in more repeat business as well as new guests – a clear win. 

At what point should a company consider installing a feedback kiosk? 

Any time you want real-time, in-person feedback. Kiosks shine in high-traffic areas, constantly offering valuable insights to improve customer experience. 

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