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Happy patients heal faster – and tell others about it!

When patients feel well emotionally, they have a more positive outlook on life and their health. As a result, they communicate better with the healthcare personnel, follow medical instructions more closely, and are more actively involved in their treatment, all of which contribute to their physical recovery.

Maximize your patients’ happiness and help them heal faster with HappyOrNot! Measure their experience and improve your quality of care performance, and you can be sure that the word will get around, giving a boost to your clinic’s image.

HappyOrNot Smiley Touch feedback tablet to measure customer satisfaction in Health Clinic

Measure satisfaction at each point-of-experience

Doctor's office

Measure the quality of care and professionalism

HappyOrNot icon - Doctor's office

Waiting room

Pinpoint trends and gauge happiness of visitor waiting times

HappyOrNot icon - Waiting time

Employee area

Find out how your staff feels towards their work

HappyOrNot icon - Employees

Exit door

Gauge the patients' overall satisfaction with your healthcare service

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Plus, you can measure other areas like:

Emergency room | X-Ray | Laboratory | Cafeteria | Valet services | Online services

Transform your service experience with patient satisfaction data

Capture feedback from all demographics

By eliminating long complicated surveys and making giving feedback approachable and easy-to-use, even senior patients can share their opinion with ease.

Engage your staff in quality of care excellence

Feedback data allows your staff to clearly see how their quality of care affects the patient experience. Engaging staff in improving the results helps to create a happy and safe environment for patients and visitors.

Target and implement corrective measures, fast

Immediate feedback on performance levels at the points of experience enables targeted and quick decision making for effective improvements.

Colleen Taylor_Hannam Fertility Centre

Healthcare success stories

Proven Track Record of High Patient Satisfaction Helps Sell Fertility Services

“We’ve seen HappyOrNot mold how our employees behave. Now, they recognize that when patients are being asked ‘how did we do today’ or ‘would you recommend us to your family and friends’, they want to be reason that our patients press the green button.”

- Colleen Taylor, Vice President of Operations at Hannam Fertility Centre

Increase satisfaction across all business areas

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