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How Positive is Your Patient’s Experience?

One of the key motivating factors behind the success of a healthcare facility is the better the patients feel emotionally, the faster they will heal physically. Positive patient and visitor experiences and improved performance boosts your organization’s image. To help you successfully meet these goals, we provide you our HappyOrNot satisfaction and performance monitoring service.

Our global insight and several years of experience from both private and public healthcare facilities help you improve your patient and visitor satisfaction and the quality of your patient care. Through our service you can continuously monitor the patients’ satisfaction to your performance. You can also collect valuable data to find ways to establish an appealing image and brand presence and attract the best medical personnel to join your team.

How Positive is Your Patient’s Experience?
HappyOrNot industry insights
  • 12% improvement in Patient and Visitor Satisfaction per year
  • Healthcare Industry Patient & Visitor Satisfaction Benchmark 88%
Positive experiences enhance your healthcare success:
  • Improved quality of care – Patient retention
  • Attracts new professionals through improved image– Recruitment
  • Recommend your facilities to their friends and family– Referral rate
Example uses

Waiting room times

Identify your efficiency in meeting appointment times

Practitioner professionalism

Learn how your patients and visitors feel about their doctor’s or nurse’s professionalism

Quality of care

Learn how well you perform your quality of care for your patients

Visitor satisfaction

Know how your visitors feel about their experience at your facility

We chose HappyOrNot because it’s easy-to-use, particularly for our elderly demographic, and less intimidating than traditional online survey methods. We’ve found that it is beneficial to both our patients and our employees.

Sharon Clark, Director of Retail Services, Ochsner Health System

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