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Smiley Touch™

Discover the “Why”

The stylish, touch screen feedback collecting Smileys are the easiest and most effective way to discover the reason behind your customers’ satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Follow up selection and open feedback options help you find out exactly what aspects of your service are working or need improvement, so you can take action immediately.

  • Ready to use in minutes
    Quick to assemble and activates upon plug-in
  • 3-tier insights
    First question, follow up selection, and open feedback
  • Engaging user experience
    Sleek, seamless interface guides the user through the feedback experience smoothly and effortlessly.
HappyOrNot Smiley Touch - front view - customer satisfaction measurement tablet

Smiley Touch - Default - A4 size removable attention sign

HappyOrNot Smiley Touch- front view - customer satisfaction measurement tablet

Smiley Touch - Default - without attention sign

HappyOrNot Smiley Touch - front view - Spa customer satisfaction measurement tablet

Smiley Touch and follow up selection - Standard - A4 size removable attention

Intelligent Reporting. Always Included.

Track and manage your service performance with intuitive and interactive data analytics. Pinpoint issues, uncover causes with ease, and make improvement actions that can be measured and verified.

Access your results 24/7 in our online dashboard, via mobile, and automated email reports.

Quick View offers an instant overview of your key performance results, summarized in simple, informative widgets.

It helps you focus on the most important information and save time getting it.

Analytics enables you to research long term trends and identify exact times and places of exceptional service, or performance decline.

You get full control to analyze your past and current performance, and make more informed improvement decisions for the future.

Review your follow up selection responses and open feedback comments to more narrowly define exact performance issues that can be immediately fixed or improved upon.

HappyOrNot Reporting Service - Key Findings widget HappyOrNot Reporting Service - Overall Distribution widget
HappyOrNot Reporting Service - Hourly Distribution widget HappyOrNot Reportin Service - Pain points

Included features

Misuse Protection

A built-in custom setting that filters out excessive button presses to ensure the accuracy of your data.

Web & Email Reports

Role, Location, and time-based result summaries sent to your email.

Interaction Reports

1-page printable summary report for sharing your results internally and in location.

Social Sharing

Click-to-share summary image for sharing your results online.


Branding Pack

Fit the terminal to your brand with one of our available branding packs:

Standard: branded leg plate + question sheet per your company logo

Custom: own design leg plate + question sheet.


Weight (assembled)

9,0kg (19.8lbs)

Dimensions (assembled)

Depth: 340mm
Width: 340mm
Height: 1300mm

Data transfer

3G secure network


Smiley Touch is available in these versions:
  • Smiley Touch Stand
  • Smiley Touch Wall
  • Smiley Touch Table
HappyOrNot Smiley Touch- in use - Cafe- customer satisfaction measurement tablet
HappyOrNot Smiley Touch- in use - Hotel- customer satisfaction measurement tablet
HappyOrNot Smiley Touch- in use - Workplace happiness- employee satisfaction measurement tablet