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HappyOrNot for Hardware Stores

The Right Tool for the CX Job

Increase satisfaction across all business areas

In Home Improvement centers, creating a great customer experience is crucial for sales.

Having the right products in stock, knowledgeable staff that are available to help customers with their project needs, and an intuitive floor plan are all key factors in providing the best customer experience.

Primarily, sales assistants can make a remarkable difference in your sales numbers. Recommendations and tips from an expert can give your customers the confidence to make the final purchasing decision, including the potential for upselling and cross-category browsing. Inspired and happy customers make unplanned purchases far beyond their initial shopping list.

Measuring and analyzing your customer experience helps management understand how customers feel about the service you provide and supports more informed decision making for improvements.

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Guy shopping

Measure satisfaction at each point-of-experience

Store layout

Can customers easily find the brands and products they are looking for?

Staff knowledge

Get feedback on the helpfulness and knowledge of staff.

Checkout & Exit

Monitor queue times and get information to support staffing and break planning.

Employee Areas

Measure your staff's workday satisfaction - happy employees make happy customers!

Online Store

Measure the user experience of your online store

Transform your in store experience with customer satisfaction data!

Obi Optimera

Increase satisfaction across all business areas

Visit your business sector to learn about improving the customer and employee experience!