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Your customers are your greatest source of information in understanding and upgrading your service performance

Staying ahead of your competitors, both in the market and financially, is at the forefront of every retail business. Ensuring leadership status relies heavily on the value created through customer experience and customer relationship management. When you know how well you serve your customers’ needs, you unlock the keys to successfully managing customer experience, improving your customer service and ultimately driving revenue.

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How do you compare? Our worldwide data insights help you benchmark your performance against the industry, and come out on top!

Happy customers return! Measure customer satisfaction and boost your sales

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Improve Customer Experience at critical points at your store

With real-time customer feedback, you can pinpoint and address service performance issues instantly, avoiding escalation, and keep your customers coming back.

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Engage your staff in the customer service experience

Customer satisfaction data helps your employees be more aware of their interaction with customers, motivating them to provide even better service.

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Let customers know you care about their experience

And that their feedback is important. Asking for feedback and sharing results creates meaningful customer relationships, builds trust, and promotes loyalty.

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Retail success stories

Elkjøp Leading Consumer Electronics Industry with Excellent Customer Service

“Today, it’s not only important for us to measure the sales we have in the stores, but it’s also very important to measure how the customers feel about us.”

- Morten Schwartzmann, Nordic Productivity Manager, Elkjøp

Increase satisfaction across all business areas

Visit your business sector to learn about improving the customer and employee experience!