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Staying ahead of your competitors, both in the market and financially, is at the forefront of every retail business. Ensuring leadership status relies heavily on the value created through customer experience and customer relationship management. When you know how well you serve your customers’ needs, you unlock the keys to successfully managing customer experience, improving your customer service and ultimately driving revenue.

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Currys: More Sales Through Happier Customers

“Using HappyOrNot has helped us to measure and monitor our performance in such an easy way, we’ve been able to improve our customer satisfaction level every year. Our customers see that we are listening, and reciprocate by continuing to give us feedback on how we’re doing so that we can continue to be even better – it’s a win-win cycle that contributes to the overall success of Dixons Carphone.”

Paul Justice, Central Operations Director, Dixons Carphone
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Currys: More Sales Through Happier Customers

Increase satisfaction across all business areas

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