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Happy Holidays from our HappyOrNot family to yours!

Let’s tip our hats to 2020 and welcome in the new year!

A farewell to 2020 – the year of change

What a year 2020 has been! No one could have predicted that we would be in the throes of a pandemic. When we look back at how businesses have persevered through the face of adversity – including us – we are confident in the growth and development this situation brings.

As we move into 2021, we’d like to look back on what we’ve achieved, together, and how it shapes the future of HappyOrNot.

Taking action and contributing to solutions

When the situation presented itself, we knew right away that putting health and safety at the top of our priority list was a must. We stayed close to our customers, gained incredible insight on how behaviors and expectations were changing, and learned how businesses were having to adapt on-the-go.

In response, we quickly developed and delivered innovative anti-COVID enhancements to our portfolio to support the safety measures of our customers and the people who continue to leave feedback via our Smileys. And we are very pleased to see these solutions successfully in use by many companies around the globe!

What’s on the horizon for next year?

Though the future can be unpredictable, we are very enthusiastic for the next year at HappyOrNot. Our goal is to continue to innovate and deliver the best possible solution for our customers to gain continuous, in-moment, and rich feedback data, supported by:

  • An amazing team, dedicated to our customers’ successes and developing our offering
  • Continuing to keep investments high in our products and services
  • Accelerating expansion of our portfolio to solve needs of CX across all physical and online spaces

Happy Holidays everyone!