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Measure customer satisfaction safely

HappyOrNot® anti-COVID feedback solutions

Customer retention is more important than ever

Every customer counts. It’s critical to know how your customers feel about your brand, as 50% will switch to a competitor after just one bad experience

At HappyOrNot, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality customer feedback insights, while also ensuring the safety of your customers. See all our solutions and tips below

Product Enhancements

Antimicrobial Protection

All new Smiley Touch and Smiley Terminal products come with antimicrobial protection at no extra cost, which is scientifically proven to actively combat coronaviruses and bacteria (ISO21702).

Touch-free Feedback

Providing more feedback options can improve response rates. Smiley Link is free and lets people give feedback via QR codes or short web links. For Smiley Touch, an additional option is to give feedback using gestures.

Hand sanitizer holders

Provide hand sanitization by attaching this holder to Smiley products and give people a convenient way to disinfect as they give feedback.

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Customer Care Tips


Print designs are available to not only boost response rates but also inform the public that you’ve taken concrete measures to ensuring their safety and well-being while giving feedback. For existing customers, more information can be found here.

Regular Cleaning

Keeping the Smileys inviting for users to continue to give feedback is important. Regular cleaning is recommended, and detailed instructions are available for reference.