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Happy travelers return!

Take care of your frequent flyers

When air travel is a daily or weekly, time spent standing in line for baggage claim or ticket control is time away from work or personal life. Immediate feedback on your operational performance helps you minimize that time for your passengers, making their experience more pleasant. Asking for feedback tells your travelers that they are listened to and that their opinion matters. Ensuring their travel experience is positive makes them want to travel with you the next time and recommend you to their colleagues.

Wow the infrequent flyers

When your customers only travel every now and then, their airport experience is a big deal. Your infrequent air travelers are often vacationers, and their experience forms an integral part of their overall vacation experience, setting the mood for the entire trip.

Whether your customers are leaving for vacation or coming back home, HappyOrNot helps you make them feel welcome and looked after. You can be sure that when they tell their friends and family of their vacation, tweet, or blog about it to thousands of readers, their airport experience will be presented in a positive light, boosting your reputation and attracting new travelers.

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Measure satisfaction at each point-of-experience


Gauge the easiness or friendliness of the check-in service

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Security check

Measure the friendliness and efficiency of security staff

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Discover optimal cleaning routines by monitoring hourly satisfaction

Baggage reclaim

Identify times when baggage service is poor

Employee area

Gauge your employees' workday satisfaction

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Plus, you can measure areas like:

Ticket offices | passport control | immigration | parking services | restaurants | duty free | retail stores

Transform your air traveler experience with satisfaction data

Gain instant awareness of service performance decline

Our Real Time Alerts allows you to react to issues immediately during the day, providing additional control and faster reaction time for managers responsible for service quality.

Encourage company-wide participation

Gain visibility into the quality and performance of employees, paid services, concessions. Share best practices, and discuss causes and effects with staff to engage them in even better customer service.

Optimize processes and resources

Continuous passenger feedback from each touchpoint gives you visibility into fluctuations, allowing you to know how to streamline processes, allocate resources, and target improvement initiatives.


Transportation success stories

Elevating the Passenger Experience at DFW International Airport

“HappyOrNot has provided DFW with a unique opportunity to accurately gauge how our 64 million customers view our facilities on a daily basis. The reports are user friendly and easy to understand, and the generated customer feedback reports from these kiosks have allowed our team to modify the amenities offered to better fit the needs our customer.”

- Ricky Griffin Customer Relations Coordinator, Customer Experience, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Increase satisfaction across all business areas

Visit your business sector to learn about improving the customer and employee experience!