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The best trips start and end with great travel experiences

To stay competitive in Transportation, you need to keep your current customers and attract new ones. When you continuously measure customer satisfaction at each vital point of operations, you are able to react to dissatisfaction by making immediate changes and developing your facilities long-term.

With HappyOrNot, you gain access to that critical information, including visibility into whether corrective measures have been successful. Asking for feedback tells your travelers that they are being listened to and appreciated. All this means your customer satisfaction and your revenue can soar!

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How do you compare? Our worldwide data insights help you benchmark your performance against the industry, and come out on top!

How your business benefits from continuous traveler satisfaction data

Transportation success stories

Using Passengers’ Perceptions to Manage Processes at Milan Airports

“The perceived quality by passengers became a tool to manage processes. The usual way of [survey] interviews is just like driving looking in the rear view mirror of a car – we needed something that could give us information about what is happening now, today, and at each time of the day.”

Giorgio Medici, head of Customer Care Department at Milan airports
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Increase satisfaction across all business areas

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