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Do You Offer a Great Travel Experience?

A successful transportation organization provides its passengers and customers with timely and quality service, and positive travelling experiences. Whether your organization’s mission is to transport people or products, we at HappyOrNot can help you measure your service performance.

Our years of global experience in the transportation sectors and our innovative service help you differentiate your organization, become a transportation market leader, and grow your profits. Through our service’s Key Performance Indicator and management tools you can easily monitor your passenger and customer satisfaction and monitor your service performance.

Do You Offer a Great Travel Experience?
HappyOrNot Industry Insights
  • 10% improvement in traveler satisfaction per year
  • Transportation Industry Traveler & Customer Satisfaction Benchmark 80%
Improved traveler experience uplifts your operational performance:
  • Increases Global Ranking – Competitiveness
  • Attracts new travelers and passengers – Revenue and Growth
  • Improves image and reputation – Repeat travelers
Example uses:

Security check

See how happy travelers and passengers are with their security experience

Ticket offices wait times

Identify the efficiency of your ticket office check out process

Restroom cleanliness

See how happy travelers and passengers are with your restroom hygiene

On-board experience

Know how satisfied your passengers are with their travel experiene

Without any prompting, the security staff are encouraging passengers to use the feedback units. This is hugely encouraging, as it is a positive interaction between our staff and the passenger, and really enforces to passengers that their feedback is important to us.

Kevin Rendle, Head of Operative Systems, Heathrow BAA


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