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A great customer experience is the best meal ticket

Consumers today have more choices. Empowered by internet, reviews, and social media sharing, people can make an informed decision and choose a product or service that gives them the ultimate experience.

With the help of customer satisfaction data, you can upgrade your menu, services, and facilities according to your customers’ real perceptions. You are able to make the needed changes to provide your customers with a memorable experience, one that makes them return and refer their friends.

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Measure satisfaction at each point-of-experience


Identify the customers' perception of food quality

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Cash register

Discover if the menu selection is optimal

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Exit door

Measure satisfaction with the overall dining experience

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Employee area

Gauge your employees' workday satisfaction

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Plus, you can measure other areas like:

Service availability | Waiting time | Cleanliness of the premises | Atmosphere | Online services

Transform the customer experience with satisfaction data

Choose the best suppliers

Monitor how the quality of your food varies depending on the supplier or producer of the raw materials.

Adjust your menu

See which meal choices get the lowest or highest satisfaction rates and adjust the menu accordingly. The continuous survey process allows you to monitor which adjustments prove the most successful.

Spot and fix service issues instantly

Real time alerts allow you to spot fluctuations in real time and react immediately. You can address issues concerning waiting time or food availability, for instance.

Motivate your employees

Customer satisfaction data makes your staff aware of the effect of their friendliness and attitude on customer satisfaction, encouraging them to provide even better service.

Services success stories

Improving Catering Services in Universities and Colleges

“We’ve found that the HappyOrNot Smiley Terminals enable students to submit continuous, fact-driven data.”

- Courtney Hill, the Director of Marketing for Chartwells Higher Education

Increase satisfaction across all business areas

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