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Ask your customers what you can do to provide an unforgettable service experience

In the service sector, experience is your product. The value created through top-notch service and positive overall experience is essential to differentiate your service organization from competitors, grow your profits, and achieve success.

Measuring customer satisfaction across all areas of your business gives valuable insights into your performance and helps you make strategic improvement decisions and target the measures correctly.

Increased customer satisfaction results in:

  • Customer loyalty: satisfied customers visit again instead of searching another service provider.
  • Increased referral rates: a satisfied customer tells on average three persons about the experience.
  • Stronger competitive advantage: stand out from other service providers to win over customers.
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How do you compare? Our worldwide data insights help you benchmark your performance against the industry, and come out on top!

Transform your service experience with customer satisfaction data

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Continuous development and long-term success

Monitoring fluctuations and trends in customer satisfaction to identify causes allows management to deploy resources more effectively and share best practices across the organization.

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Motivate your staff to even higher service standards

The presence of the Smileys makes your employees more aware of their interaction with customers. Engaging employees in improving the customer experience motivates them to offer great service.

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Enhance customer relations

Make your customers and employees feel part of the driving change behind your improvements to create meaningful relationships, increase response rates, and promote loyalty and referrals.

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Services success stories

Improving Client Success and Vendor Management at Top-tier Catering Company ZeroCater

“If you care about your customer experience, if you care about real-time data, if you care about knowing how the customers are experiencing your product and service, then you better have a system like HappyOrNot.”

- Arvind Stokes, V.P. of Operations at ZeroCater

Increase satisfaction across all business areas

Visit your business sector to learn about improving the customer and employee experience!