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HappyOrNot in Restaurants: Are You Leaving Your Customers Hungry For More?

Domino’s Pizza, Les 3 Brasseurs, Flunch, Wild Wing, and O’Sushi are just a few examples of HappyOrNot clients in the Restaurant Services industry that are ensuring that their customers not only leave with a full belly, but a great customer service experience.

Consumers today have more choices. Empowered by internet, reviews, and social media sharing, people can make an informed decision and choose a product or service that gives them the ultimate experience. Price comparison is still a major factor, but the final decision will be based on the customer experience the vendor provides.
What constitutes an excellent dining experience for your customers? One that is memorable, makes them return, and refer their friends.
A keen restaurant owner knows that providing great customer service is essential to success. Diners should feel welcomed, be given proper attention, and feel satisfied with their food choice, making having satisfied customers an integral part of the business model. Harvard Business School recently performed a study on Starbucks, reporting several key observations:

  • Customer satisfaction has a massive impact on your revenue
  • Satisfied customer visits 4.3 times per month, spends $4.06 and is a customer for 4.4 years
  • Highly satisfied customer visits 7.2 times per month, spends $4.42 and is a customer for 8.3 years

Restaurants to focus on having more satisfied customers

When restaurants place focus on having more satisfied customers, not only will they enjoy more repeat business, but also an increased referral rate and an improved service image – all instrumental elements of increased profits.

Long time client Laura Krusius, Head of Frontline Services at Technopolis tells about their use of the HappyOrNot service to improve restaurant operations and customer service:

“We have been using HappyOrNot since 2009, and implemented it as a KPI in our operations in 2010. Today, HappyOrNot is a standard part of our restaurant concept. It is a win-win for all involved – we can ensure the quality required by quality standards, our operators have a state-of-the-art tool and motivator to help them exceed their targets and gain rewards, and our lunch customers have a convenient way to give feedback and see the results via the customer interaction reports.”

HappyOrNot is the solution for businesses in the HoReCa sector to develop their service experience and sales through continuous monitoring and reporting on customer and employee satisfaction levels. The globally recognized and trusted 4 Smileys encourage participation by an unprecedented 20-80 % due to its low commitment, ease of use, and anonymity factor. Get customer feedback, make improvements, and see familiar faces in all your customers.

For further information on how HappyOrNot works in the Services industry.

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