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We are the providers of the award-winning service and develop innovative solutions to help our clients improve their customer service and performance, and employee satisfaction.

Who we are

We are the global leader in instant customer and employee satisfaction reporting with our innovative feedback smileys. We deliver our clients world-class service on time – without exceptions.

Our broad experience in both European and US markets has enabled us to gather an extensive worldwide market intelligence database. Thanks to our vast insight from various industries and several global industry leaders, we have a firm background to help you increase your customer and employee happiness.

Who we are
Since 2009

We have been developing innovative solutions, services, and tools to improve customer and employee satisfaction since 2009.

100 countries

Our service is already being used in 100 countries.

3000 organizations

Our customer list includes more than 3000 leading retail and service chain organizations.

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Communicating The “True Product”

Communicating The “True Product”

March 2, 2017

Identifying your “true product” focuses employees on the higher meaning and purpose of their jobs. Employees need to understand the value of what they do beyond the basic tasks. Most people want to know their work is meaningful to others.

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