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The three key drivers behind the development of HappyOrNot’s customer satisfaction management solution

At the start of this year, we shared that our focus for 2023 would be on reducing friction, increasing flexibility for better insights, integrating more solutions, and ensuring trustworthy data.

As we head into H2 of 2023, let’s take a look back at the progress we’ve made in our three key drivers: trust in data, feedback flexibility, and ease of use. 

Trust in data

Customer feedback data is vital for making positive improvements, but it’s crucial to have complete confidence in the data you receive. Building trust in data involves factors like data integrity, security, and privacy. It is also dependent on the amount and timeliness of the data you get, along with the ability to minimize misuse and focus on data that matters. 

We continue to provide industry-leading volumes of real-time feedback. During H1 of this year, we have taken significant steps to ensure our customers have the highest confidence and trust the data HappyOrNot provides.  

We introduced Single sign-on which enhances both the ease of use and the security of our solution. We also launched the market-first Demographics, as well as feedback guard, that enables our customers to automatically gather valuable insights about their target audiences while focusing on the data that truly matters.  

Feedback flexibility

With Demographics, customers gain access to deeper insights into the feedback data without disrupting the end-user experience. Additionally, we have incorporated useful features that facilitate scaling up and discovering new use cases and insights.  

For instance, we now offer 5-scale surveys in addition to our 4-scale surveys. We’ve also enhanced our solution to securely collect contact details from customers who wish to be contacted by a representative in response to their feedback. Naturally, handling this personally identifiable data has driven compliance with stricter security and privacy practices. 

Ease of use

Every business is different and needs different data to support decision making. While flexibility is important, we believe ease of use should never be sacrificed for more data. Instead, our solution gives you smarter ways to gather additional data and insights without friction. 

These recent improvements and enhancements in flexibility are available to mix-and-match, allowing companies to customize the types of data insights they need and that best fit their specific use cases and environments. Gathering feedback at a high-end department store, for example, requires a different setup compared to a busy airport check-in line. Both scenarios benefit from customer feedback, but they require distinct approaches to function optimally. 

Our latest addition, Managed Service, further emphasizes ease of use. While HappyOrNot is already widely praised for its simplicity, from set-up to feedback collection to analytics and reporting, we recognize that some businesses may face challenges in allocating resources to manage the solution effectively. Managed service was created to address this issue, giving you the option for our team of HappyOrNot experts to run our solution for you – everything from measurement and analysis to training and engagement – ensuring you get a quick and efficient return on investment. 

What’s to come

Our development journey doesn’t end here, as Manu Karppelin, Head of Product Management at HappyOrNot, explains: 

“We continuously listen to our customers to understand their true needs in collecting, analyzing, and utilizing customer feedback make changes in their business that drive better results. In the coming months, HappyOrNot will continue to take both big and small steps to enhance our solution, create excellent user experiences, and, ultimately, deliver even greater value to our customers.” 




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