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How HappyOrNot ensures security and trust in data

Customer feedback data is crucial for businesses when looking to better meet customer expectations, improve operations, and boost revenue and growth – that’s why data integrity is extremely critical.

You can only benefit from customer feedback data if that data is accurate and trustworthy. Inaccurate data will do the opposite and harm your business and cause unnecessary extra work. The security and privacy of data is one element of ensuring data quality and accuracy. Handling data carefully matters. 

Your customers demand security and privacy of data 

According to a CX and Communications Consumer insights survey, 42% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company because of a hack that exposed customer data. Customer feedback data is immensely sensitive when combined with personal information, such as email or phone number of the person giving feedback. This kind of data is considered Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and needs to be handled according to the privacy regulations stipulated in e.g. CCPA and GDPR. 

This means only people with a “need to know” role should have access to PII data. It also means that the customer has a right to ask to be forgotten, in which case the data controller needs to delete all data.  

Ramping up data security 

HappyOrNot has existing measures for pseudonymization and encryption of the personal data as well as measures to ensure the ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of processing systems and services, and now we have taken even further steps to improve the security of our feedback data 

Introducing Single Sign-On

Single sign-on (SSO) is the latest feature of our solution that allows our customers to benefit from the best practice and industry standards when dealing with passwords. HappyOrNot’s SSO is based on SAML 2.0, a standard for exchanging authentication and authorization identities between security domains. Our SSO allows customers to utilize two-factor authentication in their environment which has become a popular security feature in more and more companies today, not only the most security conscious ones. 

Implementing SSO allows our customers to better comply with security guidelines and policies, therefore reducing risk of incidents such as a data breach. Additionally, it provides an easy and convenient way for users and administrators to sign in to HappyOrNot with the same tools they are already used to, like Microsoft Authenticator. SSO also simplifies password management for the organization, decreasing the burden of IT staff. 

HappyOrNot Product Manager Mikko Pernu explains: “The introduction of a single sign-on process is a perfect step in increasing the data security of our service, both for the organizations and individuals utilizing it. The improved fluency and ease of use also ensures employees can log in to the system without the problem of forgotten passwords. We are proud to ensure our customers can trust our service and the data it provides, and our continued commitment to the security and privacy of our solution.”  

Want to set up your HappyOrNot SSO? Contact us today! 

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