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Customer experience

The era of integrated, trustworthy customer feedback data is here

Digital customer experiences are shaping the overall perception customers have of any business, regardless of the industry. Trustworthy customer feedback data from all touch points has therefore become a necessity, rather than a convenience. 

Less friction and more flexibility bringing better insights, along with more integrations, and even more trustworthy data are some of the hot topics for HappyOrNot offering in 2023. During 2022 we have been busy building the groundwork for some cool new game-changing features, and now in 2023 we can confidently say that HappyOrNot will lead the industry in the future.  

As we wrote in the previous post summarizing the year 2022, our objective is to provide richer and deeper insights into the customer experience across all channels. We put a lot of focus on the reliability of data, and in the coming weeks and months we will share some exciting news about new features that will help our customers get more insights, and significantly improve trust in the data they see. 

Our own Analytics remains at the core of our solution, but we know that integrating customer feedback data to data lakes is becoming more and more important in the future. And while digital services have taken a step forward during the pandemic, it is also obvious that people seek physical touch points in their experiences. They want personal service, and in retail, to be able to see and touch the merchandize before the purchase decision. Customer experience is one of the drivers for success.    

Manu Karppelin, Head of Product Management explains: “Customer centricity is a core value for us, and we always listen to our customers when designing new features. But that’s not enough. We also try to innovate features our customers have not even dreamt of, but which we know will help them get more out of the feedback data. However, we always keep ease of use as a guiding principle as we know that to keep up a consistently high amount of feedback, it is vital to keep the end user experience as easy and frictionless as possible”.  

To summarize, a lot of the development steps already started in 2022 will bear fruit in 2023. We look forward to telling you more as we go forward. For now, we wish you all a successful new year.

  • Customer experience