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Customer experience

How the HappyOrNot solution delighted its customers in 2022

At HappyOrNot, we are all about helping businesses unlock insights of customer experience to improve their operations. And, as we’re in the business of collecting customer feedback, of course we also gather feedback from our own customers, too!


Just like the thousands of brands that rely on HappyOrNot to help guide their business towards improved customer satisfaction, we also rely on our own customer surveys to help us ensure we develop our solution to offer the best value and enable our customers to achieve their goals.  

In our 2022 kick-off blog post, we shared that our objective was to provide richer and deeper insights into the customer experience as well as further improve the capabilities to measure omnichannel customer experience. As we progressed through the year, listened, learned, and developed, we wanted to share with you some of those highlights. 

“The honest and open feedback from our customers is truly invaluable,” tells Manu Karppelin, Head of Product Management. “We want to verify that we focus on the right improvements so that we can help our customer reach better service levels and business success. Our customers have confirmed that HappyOrNot helps site managers capture essential data, bridge gaps and track performance over time, making it a true tool for service improvement,”  

Our key target customers find a lot of value in HappyOrNot, and would be much less happy without it. We continue to improve the product-market fit and have been able to cater to the needs of operational managers especially. 

This objective of enabling richer and deeper insights has been our driving force during the year and continues as we head into 2023.   

When analyzing the feedback to understand, from the customers’ perspective, the key benefits, three recurring keywords emerged: “insight”, “feedback”, and “improvement”. These keywords represent the areas our customers feel provide the most benefit and value to them – meaning they are able to listen to their customers and get a lot of feedback, which provides them the invaluable insights to make improvements in their operations. 

Manu continues: “I’m pleased to see that we understand our customers’ needs and are equipped to cater to their personalized needs. While there is no silver bullet that fixes everything and suits everyone, keeping true to our key differentiators – ease of use, scalability, and trust in data – we are confident in our position to face new and exciting challenges in the future together with our customers.” 

During the year, our R&D team was also busy updating the platform to enable smooth, efficient future developments, paving the way for a speedy start to 2023. We will continue to enhance our solution, with our customers’ needs at the core, without sacrifice to the ease of use and unmatched feedback volumes.  

Stay tuned in the New Year to hear more about our exciting new developments!  


  • Customer experience