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New Smiley Touch™ gestures feature provides more touch-free choice

Our commitment to provide the most frictionless feedback insights solution that encourages and instills confidence in businesses and people who wish to collect and give feedback, respectively, is the driver behind our continuous innovation.

As the first feedback company in the world to coat its Smiley products with antimicrobial film to prevent the spread of coronaviruses, and subsequent touch-free expansions like the purely digital survey solution Smiley Link  (QR code and/or URL), HappyOrNot will be adding to its portfolio the latest touch-free development to the Smiley Touch™ product: gesture-based feedback.


More choice for giving feedback

The gesture-based feedback option to our Smiley Touch will provide users even more choice in how they can give feedback. In addition to the existing touch-free options of QR code and/or web link via mobile phone, users can now give feedback by using simple hand gestures assigned to each of the 4-Smileys and follow-up options. See for yourself in the video:

Additionally, the follow-up options are also gesture capable, meaning businesses do not lose out on collecting valuable and in-depth customer insights which enables organizations to identify root causes, make targeted improvements, and validate efforts through the data.


Quality assurance via customer trials

Because at HappyOrNot we pride ourselves on delivering the most frictionless feedback insights solution on the market, meeting certain quality standards on usability and ensuring that the data is accurate before we put it on the market is very important to us.

To meet these standards, we are trialling this latest gesture-based touch-free feature with key clients. It is currently offered on an opt-in basis for new Smiley Touch orders, and initial shipments have already begun.


Seamless omnichannel customer feedback data

Our latest developments in touch-free technology have been designed to offer additional choice to users when interacting with our Smiley Touch, while ensuring the least amount of friction and delivering maximum feedback rates and in-depth insights.

Our suite of products—Smiley Touch, Smiley Terminal, and Smiley Digital—and analytics reporting platform is a 360-degree feedback-collecting ecosystem that provides:

  • Fully compatible feedback data between all products and regardless of the user’s chosen feedback method—a truly omnichannel offering
  • A “one stop shop” for all analytics and insights, such as benchmarking results between locations or experience points to drive collaborative and continuous improvements across the organization
  • Real-time Collaboration to address immediate issues on the spot via a convenient tool for alert acknowledgements and in-app chat as incidents are dealt with


Continuous, high-volume customer feedback

Our data shows that when given the opportunity to do so safely, people are continuing to give feedback via physical interaction with the Smiley Touch and Smiley Terminal products. Furthermore, response rates continue to be on a high level across all industries, and in most cases are very much in line with pre-pandemic levels.

We understand that attitudes and behaviors will continue to evolve over time. This latest touch-free development to our product answers to these changes: for those people who might still be hesitating to touch or find QR codes inconvenient and businesses who may still be concerned with reputational risks of customer feedback collection.

As we move forward, HappyOrNot will continue to innovate its offering–such as the ongoing experimentation with motion sensor cameras that we are using for the gesture-based feedback—to provide our customers with more options to capture the maximum amount of feedback and collect even more in-depth data insights in the most frictionless way possible.


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For more information on HappyOrNot’s commitment to safe customer feedback, and how specific businesses are persevering through the pandemic with customer satisfaction feedback data, visit: 


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