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Smiley Link

Feedback via mobile phones

An alternative way to collect feedback, further increase engagement and provide additional actionable insights.

  • Go “Touchless”
    An easy way for customers to give feedback by using their mobile phones
  • Better together
    Combine the Smiley Link with your Smiley Touches and Smiley Terminals to get even more actionable real-time insights
  • Leverage additional channels
    Add the Smiley Link QR code and URL to receipts, emails, SMSes and other messages to capture additional feedback sources and response rate

Intelligent reporting. Always included.

Track and manage your service performance with intuitive and interactive data analytics. Pinpoint issues, uncover causes with ease, and make improvement actions that can be measured and verified.

Access your results 24/7 in our online dashboard, via mobile, and automated email reports.

Quick View offers an instant overview of your key performance results, summarized in simple, informative widgets.

It helps you focus on the most important information and save time getting it.

Analytics enables you to research long term trends and pinpoint exact times and places of service decline.

You get full control to analyze your past and current performance, and make more informed improvement decisions for the future.

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Giving feedback is very fast and easy

  1. Scan the QR code or type/visit the URL with a mobile phone
  2. Select the Smiley that represents the experience
  3. Choose the key reason for the rating via the follow-up selection
  4. Add open comments to tell more

Note: Follow-up options and open comments are available for both Smiley Terminal and Smiley Touch surveys!

Smiley Link being demoed on a smartphone

Further information

  • It’s easy to start using Smiley Link: All information you need is provided with the email report for each deployed Smiley Touch and Smiley Terminal unit. Then just print out as many sheets as you want for each location
  • For Smiley Touches, administrators can also switch to Smiley Link mode on the screen: It will then show the QR code and the short URL.

The Smiley Link QR code and its URL are always associated with a specific Smiley Terminal or Smiley Touch product – the data is compiled and presented as one in HappyOrNot Reporting