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Customer experience

HappyOrNot Announces New Live Sharing Feature

Adding to its continuous product and service feature developments, HappyOrNot releases its new Live Sharing feature, which enables businesses to easily showcase their customer experience program and performance results in real-time on an info screen or web page.

The main benefit to companies of Live Sharing is that it provides a way to constantly communicate with their customer base that their feedback is important, and contributes to the development and improvement of their experience with the brand.

“This new Live Sharing feature helps to further enhance our clients’ ability to easily engage their customers, both buying and non-buying, to demonstrate their commitment to service excellence in a very transparent way. It’s a key factor in building both new and loyal customer relationships,” said Heikki Väänänen, HappyOrNot CEO and Founder.

One of the first long-time HappyOrNot clients to deploy this new feature is Elkjop, leading electronics retailer in the Nordics and subsidiary of UK giant Dixons Carphone.

“We are not afraid to show to the customer how we work with the HappyOrNot results,” said  Morten Schwartzmann – Nordic Productivity Manager. “We want to make it visible to the customers that we hear every feedback, and give back to our customers and show their input matters.”

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