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Customer feedback tips

Different channels, same KPIs – customer feedback tips

Measuring customer satisfaction is essential – customer experience after all is the key to building loyalty. But how do you get an overview of customer experience and satisfaction across different channels?

Customer experience is no longer restricted to the on-site experience. To an increasing degree, customers use digital channels in addition to actually visiting a business.

Our previous blog post “Collecting customer feedback online: before, during and after purchase” addressed the importance of covering the whole customer journey, and how to do that. This time, let’s think a bit about how to measure customer experience along that journey.

For the company, creating a single pane of glass to see the full picture of customer satisfaction and customer experience is important. The commonly agreed service standards need to be met regardless of where the customer might be doing their business with you. But can you actually measure customer satisfaction across different channels using the same KPIs?

Short answer: yes, you can.

To get started, define your targets. What are the common metrics across all service channels?

Are you driven by service excellence? Are you pursuing the best price? Do you pride yourself in the variety of goods on offer? Or are you, or do you push yourself to be, the market leader? Whatever your ultimate goal, it defines what you need to ask.

Once you know what you want to measure, it’s pretty simple. Set targets for all your touchpoints. If you have previous data available, that can help you set the target. If not, you might wish to collect some initial feedback first and only set your target once you know your current position.

HappyOrNot Smileys provide an engaging, easy way for people to give feedback. Using the in-the-moment Smileys to gather feedback typically helps our customers to get statistically meaningful data.

The Smileys also provide a way to get feedback across all touchpoints, whether physical or digital. You can align targets and KPIs for both Smiley Touch and Smiley Digital. You get to compare customer satisfaction holistically and uncover the issues and highlights – regardless of the channel your customer is using. You want to see if customers like your product selection or special offers, and what are the key issues they have with those – no problem, just use Smileys both in your digital and physical channels to uncover the answers. The HappyOrNot Analytics that works behind the scenes of the Smileys provides the exact same functionality for analyzing feedback from all touchpoints.

Ready to see the whole truth of customer satisfaction? Add Smiley Digital to your toolbox and cover the whole customer journey from early awareness to repeat business across all channels. Read more here.

Let us know if omnichannel feedback across all touchpoints is a priority for you.

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