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A year in review: How HappyOrNot launched market firsts in 2023

Looking back at 2023 and the innovations and developments that HappyOrNot made, the first word that comes to mind is busy, and the next one is unique. 

The past year has certainly been busy – we released not only one, but two hugely significant and unique developments alongside continuous incremental improvements: 

1.Demographics: a market-first innovation in AI-enabled feedback

The first, and arguably most significant new capability we launched in 2023 was Demographics. Demographics helps our customers understand their target audiences better, course correct how and where needed, verify actions taken, and build better targeted marketing and sales campaigns.  

“The launch of Demographics was a game changer in the “customer feedback” market. The use of AI at the back of this new feature to anonymously collect demographic data of the person giving feedback and connect the target audience demographic data with the feedback given is super exciting totally unique to HappyOrNot. And we are delighted that it has immediately proven to be invaluable to our customers,” explains Eija Paajanen, Product Marketing Manager at HappyOrNot.  

One such customer already seeing the practical value of Demographics is Liverpool John Lennon Airport:  

“We made a change to the payment process in our restaurant where customers would need to use an app to pay from their seat and saw an instantaneous decline in satisfaction scores. But why? When we looked at the demographic and feedback data, our older passengers were less likely to use this method. And so we immediately reversed the change and satisfaction went back up. Without HappyOrNot demographics, it would have taken us months to understand that”, tells Colin Wainwright, Operations Standards and Performance Manager at Liverpool John Lennon Airport.  

2.Managed service: full-service solution management by our HappyOrNot experts

The next most significant capability added to our HappyOrNot solution was Managed service. Managed service offers our customers the ability to fully outsource the management of our solution, i.e. HappyOrNot experts measure the feedback, analyze it, and educate their internal teams on how to take action.  

This provides our customers with unprecedented value by freeing up their most valuable resources – time and personnel – to focus on growing their business.  

As part of the Managed service launch, we also developed an Academy for our customers who also want to educate their staff on the HappyOrNot service and its capabilities.  

“In collaboration with our customers, we observed occasional challenges in allocating dedicated resources to effectively oversee the solution. Despite its user-friendly interface, delving into the insights crucial for driving operational excellence demands focused attention. Consequently, we introduced our Managed service, aimed at assisting customers in maximizing their HappyOrNot investment. This approach has resonated strongly with our customers, providing them access to the comprehensive support of the entire HappyOrNot family to enhance their in-house customer feedback expertise. It not only strengthens our bond with customers but also presents a valuable opportunity for us as a company to forge even closer connections with their businesses,” says Michael Bradford, Head of Operations, Americas at HappyOrNot.   

On top of these huge launches, we continued development of other features connected to our focus areas of trust in data, scalability of the solution, and ease of use. 

“During the year, we have consistently added new features and improved existing ones to support our core themes. Among the new features, a key one was Single Sign-on which ensures that industry best practices can be easily used to enhance security,” tells  Mauno Pasanen, Head of Development. 

Towards the latter part of 2023, we released exciting new enhancements for integrations and AI, such as our improved API to help our customers build their own dashboards and/or seamlessly integrate the HappyOrNot data with their other key business data. 

What’s to come in 2024?

Our focus is to ensure we create the most value for our customers with our solution by delivering actionable insights with relevancy and speed. We will continue to innovate, educate, and provide the best tools and support to enable them to use feedback insights to develop and grow their business. 

So stay tuned! 


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